Making a level foundation…


When I got up in the morning, it seemed like a pretty straightforward set of to do’s with a pretty straightforward goal: get the trailer level in the driveway and grind off the extraneous rails.But things that should be straight and forward have tendencies to go not only crooked and backward but also slightly bent and sideways, and that was the way things played out with this ‘simple’ task.

Getting to the driveway itself was our first obstacle and by the time we (my stepdad and I) sorted though the half finished projects, moved my mom’s horse trailer and navigated traffic cones, a bunch of old buckets and a large pile of pinecones it was already 2:00.

As luck would have it, our driveway isn’t level in the stricktest sense but with a little problem solving, my dad and I constructed a plan. We’d get some more gravel, pile it up where the wheels would be on the lower side, stick some cinder blocks under the corners and there you go! It was a good plan (I think) that appears to have worked in the end but it was definitely not as simple as we thought.

After backing the trailer in (no cake walk in its own right) not only did it take about an hour to get the gravel piles even, but just after we were rewarded with the beautiful little green bubble smack in the center of my dad’s leveling stick we realized that we hadn’t left enough space for the horse trailer to pull in alongside.

Gravel is also a nasty, dusty little collection of beasties and I inconveniently forgot to buy leather gloves at the hardware store. I ended up in a pair of terrifying blue latex gloves we had buried somewhere in the garage, though I can assure you that the purpose of these must not have been gravel shoveling and I felt something like a deranged dentist.

Operation park-the-trailer was successful by the time it got dark and we now have a darn close to level foundation to start on. Grinding the rails will have to wait until another day…


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  1. Good on ya Els. You’ve experienced one of the first lessons in building. If you think it’s gonna take you an hour, plan for a day. This isn’t helping my argument that you’ll finish this before ya know it. However, it’s good that you and Rick are being thorough and level headed (no pun intended).

    Keep the blogs coming.

  2. Ella! Sounds like progress. Excellent!! By the time you are finished with this project, you will be an expert!! At least you will have a book that you can SELL on what to do and what to avoid doing!!! Thanks for the photos!! Congrats, on phase one. You’re doing great! Keep it up!! and your dad ain’t doin’ too shabby either! He’s a real trooper! You both get an A for Effort!!!!!! 🙂

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