One step forward, two steps back…


Yesterday was a great day of progress. Having bought as many materials as would fit in our lumbering 69 pickup truck the night before, my dad and I started early with plans in hand and spring in step. Despite the fact that said plans had to be completely altered to accommodate the wheel wells on my trailer, we went wild with the tape measure and were able to cut and make the 3 sectioned floor framing equal to the overall length as stated so that all further dimensions shouldn’t need to be changed.

We also got the extra trailer rail off with a metal grinder and a shower of bright orange sparks. Kind of like fireworks J The only worrying thing is that the metal edges of both ends of the trailer are a little raised. It’s not by much so we figured they might not be that big of a deal.

Today was a bit more challenging. We did get the wheel mount ground off and stapled down most of the aluminum flashing on the framing but for one reason or another we seemed to spend more time taking it apart than putting it together. First we forgot that the area where the porch will be (this part shouldn’t have any flashing to allow for water) is not in the same place when you turn it upside down to put the aluminum on. Enter re-do number 1.

More importantly, the issue of the little ridges on the ends of the trailer didn’t solve themselves and with the floor framing resting on it at about a centimeter higher on both ends than the decking, we couldn’t ignore it. Well, I guess we did ignore it. We actually ignored it until after we had put down the flashing on both framings so that when we decided to discontinue ignoring it we had to backtrack and extract all of my meticulously placed staples to get at the 2×4 framing below. My dad says leaving it would make the walls squint and throw everything off balance so, enter re-do number 2.

What we ended up doing was using a router to take off about a centimeter from any wood in contact with the higher level so that the whole thing would rest on the decking and not on the raised edges. This one took forever.  On the porch end it was just little notches in each 2×4 hanging off the trailer but on the other end were two lengthwise, 7’ 4” 2x4s to be dealt with and the whole thing had to be shorter. It’s not exactly pretty now, but I hope we’ll be glad we took the time to fix this while we still could. And I suppose when there’s a house over it, pretty floor framing isn’t really pertinent. 


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  1. I read most of this. I’m running out of the door right now. You seem to have at least gotten over some hurdles. Just think, at the end of all of this, you are going to have not only a house to call your own, you are going to have a home for life no matter where you go!

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