Sheep’s wool insulation…


I have decided on sheep’s wool insulation for my little house and ordered it from the lovely folks at Oregon Shepherd a while back (thanks for being open on a holiday weekend, guys!). I had gone back and forth over several insulating possibilities for ages but kept coming back to wool before finally settling on it.

Having read wonderful things about sheep’s wool and it’s superior insulating properties, I particularly liked that it is effective at absorbing moisture which can aid in preventing condensation; one of my main worries in a space as small as mine will be. Some wonderful other reasons to use wool can be found at their website, here:

I really think that insulation is an important choice that will continue to affect the way I feel about my house and there’s something nice about knowing there wont be anything toxic in there. It was a bit pricey, but this will be my house and I don’t want it makin’ me sick!

Despite a few mishaps with the shipping company, Oregon Shepherd was very helpful and eight 40 pound boxes of wool arrived this morning in a big truck. The driver was one of the least conversationally minded humans I’ve encountered in some time and was entirely more interested in how he’d manage to get his epically large truck out of our cul de sac than my enthusiasm at this fluffy delivery, but you can’t have everything. SHEEP WALLS!!!


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  1. Whoda thunk?? lol! I never have heard of it, but it does sound like the wise choice! Something to stick in my craw for later. Sheep insulation.. hmmm. interesting and I like the fact that it absorbs moisture and also the main thing, it’s not toxic. Over the long hall of this journey, that will be worth it’s weight in gold. Sticking with nature. Always a good idea. Funny about the driver… he should be more excited about wool insulation!! Before he was able to back out of your cul-de-sac, you should have etched “I love Wool and long conversations!! ” onto the back of his truck!! ahahaha!! Good going once again Ella!

  2. Another outstanding property of wool that is likely to benefit your project is that it’s SO lightweight and since it appears your little house will be on wheels, that might be important. It’s also unlike to burn. I can’t extoll the virtues of wool enough. Good choice.

  3. What a great option. This speaks volumes of your dedication/determination to go green. Glad you wrestled with the decision and still went with the wool in spite of it’s initial higher cost. What a great option that I never considered before. As for the driver, well obviously he is not where you are at mentally so, he is still stuck in the real world- you my friend are following your dream. Not too many folks can say and do that! Best to you and keep the momentum.

  4. Hi Ella,

    We are leaning towards wool ourselves now, thanks for posting. We start construction this month, so are about a month behind you, but are actually reading horror stories on other fencl blogs about window ordering through Lowes and Home Depot (the orders not coming in and the staff not being helpful) and so would love to hear how your experience goes so we might have better luck in ordering our windows, particularly the custom-sized ones up front in the alcove and the custom front door. Have you ordered yet and where from and did you go with the specs or a variation on size or type? Thanks!

  5. Oh woah, I’ve never heard of wool insulation… which is embarrassing considering I’m an architecture student :D. This is awesome though, I’m definitely gonna go look into this when I get my tiny house started

  6. I think the sheep’s wool is my favorite part. I love it. I would like to have a pile of sheep’s wool and crawl inside of it 🙂

  7. Hi Ella,

    We too are going with sheep’s wool for our insulation. You mentioned that you had a shipment of eight 40 pound boxes. Was that enough for your whole tiny house?
    Pete & Erin
    PS. Thanks for you comments on our blog. The encouragement helps! 🙂

    • Good for going with wool! It hasn’t been put to the time test yet, but I just love it so far. The 8 boxes I got were enough with a little leftover. I do wonder if I didn’t put enough into some spots though. If I had a do over I’d just pack the crap out of the walls and get more if need be. So excited for your progress!

  8. Hi Ella,
    Now that you’ve been in the house a bit, how are you feeling about the wool insulation? Have you had any heating or condesation issues? We started the build of my tiny house this week.

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