A window or ten…


Thus far, I’ve been doing a fine job putting off getting these ordered. Most things I’ve had to procure for my project have seemed scary for some reason or other but windows take the extra scary cake. I think this cake might be black and have pepper in it…Because they are supposed to be tempered glass (like the kind in cars that crumble instead of shatter and are far more resistant to road travel) these little beasties are frighteningly expensive and I didn’t want to have a chance to get anything wrong. Having heard it can take 6-8 weeks for custom windows to get made, I finally gathered my courage today, wrote down my list of sizes about 5 times and called up some window making folk. 

I decided that I like the single hung type (which is coincidentally cheaper than the awning type Tumbleweed goes for) and have settled with aluminum. Wood windows are beautiful but they are also higher priced and take a lot more maintenance so for this time I’ve opted not to go down the traditional route. My parent’s house has aluminum windows with a white finish and I don’t mind the way they look, actually I think they’re rather quaint.

I am lucky to have encountered a very kind contractor at Tumbleweed’s workshop last month who has been instrumental in my quest for windows. With his help, I ordered the 10 I need from a wholesale company and should have my aluminum, white finish, low-E, single hung windows delivered in a little over 2 weeks. One less big thing on the list of to buy’s!


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  1. Congratulations on picking your windows. I will be curious to see what they look like. Am also curious how much they will cost. I hear Jay estimates about $3300 for the 10 windows. Also saw that Johnathan in Michigan actually built his own windows for the Fencl. But he doesn’t really show how or even link to his inspiration for doing so. He also used something other than tempered glass.

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