Plywood sheathing started…


Now that the walls are attached, it’s on to putting up the outside plywood. We decided to tackle the hardest part of this process first which would of course bring us back to the wheel wells OF DOOM, but we made it out alive and both sides were covered by the end of the day.

Because of the way our framing is, we ended up with two pieces of plywood over each wheel well so that they would land on an appropriate 2×4 and tie in the walls we’ve bolted together. We also had to put the plywood on horizontally instead of vertically because the 4′ sheets weren’t quite wide enough to reach a solid piece of framing to nail into.

As the project progresses, I continually become aware of just how many nifty tools my dad has stashed away. They serve all kinds of uses and he pulls them out of who knows where. They’re practically coming out of the wallpaper in the garage… Anyway today it was the jigsaw, and what a wonderful little thing it is, too. I got to use it for all of the cutting involved in the wheel well curves and after emerging largely successful and with all 10 fingers, felt very pleased and carpenter-y indeed 🙂

The system is to put glue all along the framing where the plywood lands, wrangle it up then nail the bugger down for all it’s worth. The plans state that screws are a better hold but we’ve got ring shank nails in the nail gun that are supposedly ‘amazing’, here’s hoping that’s true.


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  1. I like this post -I have just found your blog and i cant seem to walk away -I always thought I would like to have a Tumble Weed house but reading your blog I now realize the dream must come from one already made. alas -But good on you girlie, your doing a grand job and in a skirt!!!!

  2. Hey Ella, What was the problem with the wheel wells again? I’m looking into buying my trailer and I was wondering what caused you so many issues. I want to avoid “wheel wells of DOOM.” lol

    • I’m afraid that what made them ‘wheel wells of DOOOOM!’ was the fact that they exist on the trailer. Nothing specific about the ones on mine, they are just an inevitable headache, oi. But you’ll get past them!

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