Collar joists up for the lofts…


After conquering the wheel well sheathing yesterday, working with square walls has been almost relaxing in comparison. Also since the plywood was longer on the side sections and the remaining areas were considerably shorter, we practically skipped our way through the bottom layer of sheathing today with the good humour of folk who don’t have to break their heads measuring and cutting patterns of unequally curving wheel wells.

The collar joists and loft floors get tied into the whole thing by the upper layer of sheathing so they need to go in before we can progress plywood wise. This has turned out well because we’ve somehow ended up with 5 of our 13, 3/8″  plywood for the walls being not 3/8″ but 1/2″ so we couldn’t continue with it even if we wanted to without a trip to the hardware store.

The last time we went to Lowes there was some confusion around their stacks of wood and I guess someone put a few sheets back in the wrong place. Of course we probably should have noticed the size difference in the store but I hate large places like that so much that my only objective is to find what is imminently needed and run for the hills. Apparently it is worth finding what is imminently needed, looking at it first and then running for the hills.

My dad wanted to test out his router to cut the window holes in the plywood and it worked so well he made it around the house in a matter of minutes. Ah, the miraculous wonder of power tools 🙂 Our neighbors are becoming increasingly interested in our project since it has sprouted walls and looks more like a house and less like a mutant trailer so we had a record number of visitors to show off to this afternoon.

We normally decide to finish around 5:30 or so but today we plowed onwards and got the collar joists for the lofts in at both ends. I’m excited to be working on something that will be inside of the house and actually visible, and now the door end storage loft joists are in, the structure is really starting to take shape. My dad has tomorrow off as well this week so hopefully we’ll move on to the roof. Holy cows! Because sometimes, one cow just isn’t enough…


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  1. Thanks for the great idea of using a router to cut the window openings. For my first window yesterday, I used a circular saw and did my first plunge cut. I did ok but I really don’t like using a circular saw that way. Today on my second window, I used my router. It was much less stressful and did a great job. I also didn’t need to use my jigsaw in the corners; the router went right into the corner. Thanks again for the great router idea.

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