A loft and half the start of a roof…


It would be nicer if this title accounted for two lofts and the full start of a roof, but not every day can be a carpentry dream boat and you gotta take what you can get. I’m pretty pleased with today’s accomplishments anyway, and we also picked up the 3/8″ plywood this evening so we can power through the top layer wall sheathing when we next get the chance.

In my bumbling, fumbling but semi perfectionistic way, I managed to get the sleeping loft all set up with the beautiful (expensive) tongue and groove pine just as the sun was going down. I’ve been considering making a list of all the cuss words I mutter to myself and at various tools and pieces of wood.  I have a feeling it would be quite substantial by the end of my house building.

I’m slow of course, but the larger setback on our progress were the triangular window framings at either end of the house. Or should I say triangular window frame (1) because the first one used up our available brain power for the day. I’m not sure if we interpreted wrong or perhaps missed something in the plan’s layout but whatever the reason, there ended up being 3 1/2″ of empty space between the window and the bottom plate where said window would supposedly land. The ridge beam is also meant to sit on top of this frame and we had to alter its positioning to keep things the correct dimensions after moving the window around. Nevermind, it looks fine now 🙂 


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  1. Things are looking great. You are putting in a lot of hours. If I may ask, what is your timeline? When are you hoping to move in and will you be towing your house somewhere or leaving it parked for the time being?

    • I gave myself a (hopefully) big margin of a year to finish which would be next September, but I’d really like to have it done around May so let’s see! I plan on moving it up north somewhere by the coast. Sorry for the late reply, just noticed this!

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