Another loft and the full start of a roof…


Well this is more like it! With the second triangle stationed at the door end and the storage loft in place, things are looking decidedly more symmetrical and rather exciting. My step dad took a well deserved break yesterday so tiny house progress took a hike until this afternoon when we got our act together enough to put a move on. I suppose it’s unsurprising that we miscalculated on something yet again (this time on the pricey 3/4″ tongue and groove pine) so we picked some up in the old truck before starting.

In my lack of faith regarding our local hardware store’s lumber selection, I had almost mentally prepared myself for another unpleasant trip to Lowes when I discovered that they not only had such a thing, but that it was far less wobbly and in much better shape than what we used before. This regrettably means that my storage loft is shining with the joys of perfect wood while my sleeping loft looks a might shifty, but hopefully with a bed covering it this wont be quite so very evident.

Ah yes, I also broke and twisted up a finger jumping my horse over a tree in the woods last Wednesday. I’m stuck in a splint for the next 3 weeks after a delightful drive to the ER where the nice doctor broke the crap out of my finger all over again to get it straight and am feeling the general annoyance of temporary life with impaired dexterity.

Our delay in starting (and my compromised hand) left us just enough time to finish putting in the nice pine, make the other triangle and screw it on up there before dark, but it looks like my dad might have another day off this Tuesday so the possibility for further development hovers.


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  1. Wow Ella, what progress! I’m sorry about your fingers.. thank god it wasn’t worse. That’s all I could think. It looks pretty amazing. Just the fact that you are doing this project and seeing it through. It shows that you can do anything. That’s sweet. Keep up the good work everyone!! 🙂

  2. Go figure you use all those tools and no problem but you get hurt doing something relatively safe. I hope this won’t cause future issues with the harp playing.

    • Aside from being slightly squint when I bend it, for all intensive purposes, the finger appears to be functioning just as a finger ought to. Harp playing included, I’m pleased to say! 🙂

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