Little things, some plywood and a ridge pole…


A lot of good things got done today, all of which necessary and most of which visually unimpressive. Some tongue and groove planks to route,  support beams to screw in between the two lofts and a few more 2×4’s to complete the triangle framing all had to go in before the top layer plywood and ultimately, the roof. We succeeded in getting only one sheet of the ply on and boy is it harder than the the bottom was.

Not only do you have to stand on rickety ladders and hoist the bugger up there, but you then have to remain on the rickety ladders to clamp it and nail it on. I don’t think this was helped by the general act of hoisting being inconveniently hindered without the full use of one hand…

We did stick the ridge pole up there for some instant gratification at the end of the day but it will need to be properly set before it goes in for keeps. My dad also routed off the top of the plywood and the window hole but I forgot to get a picture at the very end. As an unrelated note, I lit my splint on fire while I was making dinner this evening. Good thing the orthopedic doctor doesn’t know what I’ve been up to as I ‘rest’ the ole’ finger 🙂


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  1. Did you modify the Fencl to have mirrored back and front roof triangles? Do you have any idea how this may affect the load on the framing/trailer? I love it and want to do the same. The added window at the front is great!

    • I thought the idea of building and roofing the little gable was too daunting, so we just repeated the hitch end roof framing for the front. I asked the Tumbleweed folks at the workshop I attended and they said the gable was present for it aesthetic, not structural reasons. Which was good to hear because I really like the extra space and it’s wonderful looking out the front window from the sleeping loft 🙂

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