The arrival of windows, more plywood and a broken air compressor…


I bailed last weekend to go on an impromptu road trip so not too terribly much has transpired in time I haven’t written, but we have got some windows and they’re a lookin’ mighty nice. I wasn’t in when they arrived but my mom was good enough to hang around and wait for their arrival a few days ago. For what it’s worth I am told this driver was very pleasant, take note grumpy sheep wool delivery man.

For one reason or other (thank you finicky tools and unrelated errand running) the weekend’s work didn’t take off so well. It made a few noble attempts yesterday but took a crash landing this afternoon following an endless supply of dead screw gun batteries and a broken air compressor.

This little dude is the one that runs the big scary nail gun and as that is primarily what we use to put the plywood sheathing on before the glue dries, it is pretty important. My dad and I put most of the top layer ply on but he got fed up with said compressor and stomped off to water his plants shortly after its demise. He does keep some lovely tomatoes…

On brighter notes, my house had its first sleepover last night! A little chilly, but I’m thinking this is where the roof will be helpful. Bit of a shame though, it’s so nice as a convertible 🙂 


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  1. Hey Els,
    So cool that your windows came in. They are so cute! I can’t wait until you hang them.

    Glad you got to sleep in your house. That must have been fun. Keep up the great writing. Love these blogs!


  2. Looks great! I’m over in Ventura County and it was very cold this weekend so I imagine yours was even more so.

    My wee daughter wants to know, “What are the horses’ names?” 🙂

  3. Ella,
    It looks good. You best get that roof over it soon… it’s snowing in NM. It was good to meet you, I hope things turn out well with the house-on-wheels.

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