Of rafters and rough weather…


Snow is beautiful. It is fluffy and exciting and I’ve always loved living somewhere it periodically occurs. It is however, also soggy and quite heavy which puts a considerable amount of stress on both my plastic covered, roofless house and my nerves. Needless to say I’m finding it rather less delightful this year as the weekend’s weather put us out of commission for work outside, but luckily the sun showed up this morning and my sister and her husband came to save the frigid day and help me get my roof going.

My brother in law was magic on the measuring tape and we had the rafter angles figured out and put up at 24″ on center in no time. There are still a few sheathing sections that haven’t gotten done since the great air compressor tragedy last week so we didn’t get all the rafters in, but it’s pretty satisfying even in its unfinished state. 

I feel a general unease that magnifies with each day my house is sans roof. With good fortune and a few more dry days, I hope this can be remedied soon so I can stop twitching at the very suggestion of forecasted bad weather and return to the skipping joys of someone whose sheep wool isn’t getting snowed on. 


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  1. Luckily, thanks to a little forward planning and some expert hiding, I appear in zero pictures!! Which means I have total deniability if the roof falls off!!! 🙂

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