More rafters and the long awaited end of the plywood sheathing…


Despite its grumpy appearance, today was kind enough to not rain and my dad and I finally put an end to the seemingly ceaseless task of plywood sheathing. We also damn securely fastened the rafters to the walls and the ridge beam with another bout of corner braces. Just when you think you’re done with them… This time I used screws instead of nails though, which made things faster, easier on the thumbs and much less of a faff to undo the cursed yet inevitable mistakes.

Getting the plywood onto the triangles was a slightly frightening process involving high ladders and terrible leverage. I can see why we put this part off for so long; if someone had casually mentionted to me this morning how it would work, I may well have postponed the thing til January. Anyway,  it didn’t go too badly.

I did sit on a very pointy corner brace and smacked my dad in the head with the T square, but considering the risk factor of this sort of job, I think that was quite mild. At least we won’t have to do it EVER AGAIN, waha! (Oh I hope I’m right) 


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  1. Keep up the great work Els! Some parts of the job are less romantic than others. The trick is getting through the not so fun parts so you can get back to having fun.

    Our best to Ricky and his possible sore noggin. I love the photo in the bottom right hand corner where it looks like the big house is looking over your tiny house.

    Keep the blogs coming. We love ’em! And you too.

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