A start on roof sheathing and house wrap…


The snow hit Friday afternoon not even 5 minutes after we started the first sheet of plywood over my loft. How do you like that timing? Dedicated as we were, my dad and I plowed along and got another on before it became impractical and hysterically windy, leaving us with no choice but to retreat inside the big house to a much more sustainable temperature and a good cup of tea. I am of the mind that there are few things that tea won’t at least make a little better (including interrupted roofing). 

The rafters being about 6 feet long, it is necessary to use two and a half 4 foot sheets to cover the space. In the interest of symmety, we put up the two bottom sections in the snowstorm then finished the tops off today so the sleeping loft is entirely covered. My dad and I are debating the possibly of an overhang at the front and back of the house so we left more plwood than we need so we’ll have something to work with if we decide to take that route. I think it would look quite lovely but am a bit concerned about the wind catching it on the road and ripping my entire roof off. Well I guess I’m pretty concerned, hence the debate.

I also got help putting up house wrap on one side of the house. Armed with a hammer stapler and exacto knife (after watching an instructional youtube video on installation) we tried really hard to avoid the feared wrinkles but ended up with one fairly wonky section. Looks like we also put it on upside down…ah well, learning curve.

My camera is currently missing. I took pictures with the thing earlier but seem to have misplaced it, so I’ll endeavor to put up photographic evidence as soon as it becomes found. People tell me that things don’t get up and walk away, but I’m betting it sprouted legs and wandered off to joined the legions of other things I loose so often in silly little places I’m certain I’ve looked in before…


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  1. Hinges on? Please give the source information about your very cool front door hinges. I thought the same thing about the conventional swing and room issue…hey, these are not conventional homes…so, some rule bending (or swinging) is certainly in order! Thank you, constance in AZ.

    • You know, I don’t even know what they’re properly called. My neighbor dug them out of his collection of wonderful used things after I mentioned the concept. I had seen smaller ones used on cubbord doors in a friend’s house so I knew it was possible, but I really don’t know where I would have found them if not for my neighbor. Sorry to not be of more help on this one!

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