Of window openings and much sanding…


I have encountered another bump in my road today. This one involves the windows and, more specifically, the window holes which I now know are supposed to be slightly larger than the sizes of the windows themselves. Well my friends, this is not the case.

They are actually exactly the same size as the openings and refuse to fit inside. As it turns out, windows need a little wiggle room when you install them so that any expansion of the surrounding wood (or the ricketing, house shaking rigors of booking down the freeway at 60 mph) won’t cause the glass to break.

In the plans, the sizes for the windows themselves are identical to the dimensions for the window openings in the framing section. The only difference are the letters R.O. (rough opening) that reside in the little drawing of these openings and apparently, they are much more important than we’d realized.

I am left to assume that if I were a window-researched carpenter, I would have either known that the holes would have to be larger to accommodate the windows and would have adjusted the measurements accordingly or ordered slightly smaller windows. As may have been gathered, I am neither a carpenter nor am I researched in windows and this presents us with the problem at hand.

We tried using just the electric sander to widen our test window opening, but it ended up lumpy and uneven after an unreasonable amount of time spent grinding the living shit out of it. I think we’ll take a stab a using the skill saw tomorrow in hopes of hacking out a bit more wood with each go.

I did find my camera (sitting innocently on the bench outside) but there is nothing about today that has inspired me to take photographs. My dad lamented that putting in the windows should have been rather like putting on shoes, except now we have shoes that are too tight and feet which will have to get whittled to make up for it. And there are 10 feet.

Another obstacle to overcome…


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I am a harpist, singer/songwriter of blues, folk and pop influence. My debut Album 'Who Asked You Back' is out on all digital platforms and physically on ellaharp.com

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  1. Wow, Ella, You have come far!! It looks beautiful. Sorry for your set backs, but I bet after this you will be an expert and have a book to sell to those who are buying one themselves to put together!! Keep up the good work!! (I’ve been super busy, but I check in still) Thanks!!! 🙂

    • Well, the plans say ‘window, 22 3/4″ x 40 1/2″, RO’ so without knowing really what the RO was supposed to mean, ordered windows of those dimensions as stated in the materials list. It would appear the plans are intended for construction minded folk who know about the need for space in the openings, but I wish they could be a little more tailored to people like me who really don’t know much. I have this thought that it’s mostly those ones who will need to buy plans. Anyway, at least it was a (time consuming, nasty little) fixable problem.

      • I think on the positive side, it’s better that it was
        too small than too big. It would have been a lot
        more of a pain if it were the other way around…

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