Plywood roof sheathing finished…



I hate it. I hate it like I hate the end of the toothpaste tube and having left important things in the car. I hate the very thought of it and even worse, the ridiculous hurdles we have gone through to cover my house’s bones…In any case, it’s done. My dad and I bought the last two pieces we’d need for the roof the other day and put it on this afternoon to general delight and joviality. 

While at the hardware store, I investigated the process of ordering roofing and believe I’ll follow through with it at some point tomorrow. I had originally planned on a dark red of sorts but the ‘Rustic Red’ color offered by the metal roofing company looked a little light for my taste, so I have just about decided on a lovely dark purple referred to as ‘Blackberry’. I have never seen anything with a purple roof before but what the heck, I think it’ll work.

After our end of-the-plywood accomplishment, it’s quite exciting that Little Yellow is beginning to look rather satisfyingly like a house. It has four walls and is no longer see through in any unintentional place. How splendid 🙂


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  1. Ella,

    How is the space under the loft? Do you feel the ceiling is too low? I want a full loft and was really curious about the headspace – I’m 5′ 9″. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any tiny home open houses in NY. The house is looking real good. I’m excited to see the finished product!


    • I’m 5′ 10″ (almost 6′ in my boots) and haven’t found the ceiling to feel too low. If the loft spanned the whole house it might be a bit much, but with 10′ ceilings in the center, it’s not an issue for me.

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