We got window…


That’s right, just one. But progress is progress, and my shiny window installed with adequate surrounding space can progress with the best of ’em. My dad came up with a different approach to widening our narrow openings called curfing which we spent most of the day attempting. The theory is to use the skilsaw to make horizontal, 1/4″ deep cuts all along the sides which are then chiseled out between them. I’m not going to say it was a bad idea, but it was time consuming and left the window hole we tried it on looking like something out of a house construction version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

Using the skilsaw to vertically cut 1/4″ off each side was a much better method and the whole operation took around 10 minutes. We also ascertained that we could save ourselves a bundle of house-sawing by cutting out the 2×4’s at the top of each window and replacing them higher so we only have to alter 2 sides instead of 4. 

I have noticed from the framing stage that the window positioning is a little lower than I’d find useful (being tall as I am) so as things are already getting changed in this department, I have decided to stick in another 2×4 at the bottom of each one as well which will make them all 1 1/2″ higher on the wall. Though it doesn’t seem like much it has actually made a difference I am really happy with. 

Even just the one window on is pretty exciting and I’m quite looking forward to having the rest in. Of course in order to have them in, one must first get them in which is a whole other kettle of unpleasant fish. Smelly ones. Probably pilchards… 


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  1. It’s looking AMAZING!! That’s sooo exciting. Not gonna lie, I’m sooo impressed it actually looks like a house 😉 You’ll be a construction whiz at the end of this. Soon as I start making money, I’m totally coming to visit, so better be extra space in your loft 🙂 I wanna meet your horsie!

    Tha gaol agam ort. 🙂

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