Mad winds, windows and house wrap…


It was frightfully windy the other day; blustery, wild and very cold. In short, it was a terrible day to be working with flimsy house wrap, but wrap house we did as it billowed and bucked and WRINKLED. Oh, the dreaded wrinkles… Considering the conditions, I think I’ll blame them on the wind.    

We now have a total of 5 lovely windows in! The first flashing installation guide I watched on youtube gave shabby advice and I ended up redoing two windows as a result. Though slightly annoying, it didn’t take up much time and I now feel confident in the correct process. Of course, now and a year from now when the house is getting pelted with torrential rain are different entirely; confidence is a much easier thing to have when it’s dry.

The 5 windows in thus far have been the easy ones. The 4 on the sides and 1 at the back were both easily accessible with the skilsaw, and quite small. The 3 in the bump out section at the front of the house are neither of these things, which is why we have purposefully avoided them. Today, however, my dad conjured up some brilliance and essentially solved the problem. It involves ripping out a lot of very determined ring shank nails (why, damn it, why did we not use screws…) and moving some framing around, but it’s probably faster in the end and doesn’t require the skilsaw.

We’ve been getting late starts and worked right up until dark the last few days, but hopefully we’ll get our buns out there a little earlier tomorrow. As dearly as I love my windows, I do not love their narrow rough openings and it’ll  be a relief to get past the seemingly counterproductive “lets saw off parts of the house” stage.


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  1. Hi Ella! just finding your blog and trail of stories. Will keep up with interest, good luck. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, knowing next year your tree will be sitting in your new Little Yellow!

  2. Hi Ella,

    I purchased Fencl plans from Jay a couple years ago and have been building in my spare time. It’s been a great project for my creative energies while I reinvent a life at middle age. Many metaphors – tiny house exteriors and interiors/ human exteriors and interiors. Tally ho, carry on, and happy holidays to you!


  3. I love your blog! I would love to build a tiny house if I were a single girl; but, happily, there are four of me, including one monkey and one gorilla. They need space.

  4. Yeee-hawwww is quite appropriate! Having been privy to observing your wonderful creation in its’
    various stages, I can rightfully declare a big “Whoopeee!” straight from the heart of Texas (as that is where I am now) Great job!!!!!
    Bari 🙂

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