Ten windows, a door, porch, and several other things…


I haven’t kept up on posting very well, but I have kept up on house building and last week has been extremely productive. This has been largely due to the help I had for a few days from a friend visiting from Scotland. This friend happens to be a carpenter (the best friends to have, you know) and I happen to have swindled him into building things for my house. The most exciting of these things is a simply lovely front door, but he also helped put in windows, widened the openings in the loft, and made a porch.

But really, the door. I’ve not much of a clue what kind of work went into the process of making it, but even with my limited time helping it seemed quite complicated so I’m really glad I didn’t have to bumble my own way through this part. And it’s such a nice door, I think my house looks much happier with it and all the windows in.

My neighbor has a bunch of lumber left over from his house and various projects so I bought some great 2×6 tongue-and-groove pine from him to make it with. It was previously used for decking and had a bunch of tar and nail holes but I got all I needed for $20 and it sanded down nicely. He also gave (!) me absolutely perfect hinges which are AMAZING, I wish I’d taken a picture of them before they went in. I’ve been wanting to have the door open out-the-way to save space inside and these let it do just that but, unlike most hinges, they stay on the inside. Very cool little brass buggers.

I also bought synthetic roofing underlayment, ordered my metal roof and the (frighteningly expensive, let me tell you) cedar siding this week so it’s all moving forward very nicely! Today my dad I put up some beautiful redwood boards on the eaves and it’s just about prepared for the roofing process now.

But back to my door. I love it. I love it and its characteristic nail holes. I love it and it’s not even yellow yet. I love my hinges that open outwards but reside inwards so nobody can just waltz up and take my door off. Waltzing door burglars. You just never know…



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  1. I just happened on your blog here and have to congratulate you and your dad for such a ambitious undertaking. I started my own cabin a couple of years ago. I have done a good chunk of the build solo, and would have loved to have a helping hand now and then. I have wrangled my daughters to help when then have been down at our build site…but being pre-teens their contributions are a bit on the wee side.

    I’m a IRC ( international residence code) certified builder, and have been working as a remodel carpenter for the last 8 years or so. If you need any building advice feel free to ask.

    You can see my cabin at the tiny house blog.


    again…well done. It looks likes you and your dad are having a great time together. I can only hope to share such a project with my daughters if / when the time comes.


  2. Just wondering if you allow people to stop by and look at your tiny house? I would love to be able to see one close up!

    Happy building!

    • Hi Ulla, I’m building at my parent’s house and it’s not really a great situation for visitors. I’ll be moving it North at some point next summer though, and I plan to stop in a few locations along the way for a sort of open house; I’d love to have people stop by then and have a cup of tea! Will post about dates well in advance 🙂

      • Ok! That’s great! Please, please let me know what towns/cities you’ll be traveling through when you do move! 🙂 I’m in Lake Havasu City, AZ right now visiting but spend most of my time in Mammoth Lakes, CA and Apple Valley, CA. Am open to traveling…My son and I are very interested in building a tiny house! If he wasn’t stationed in Germany right now, we’d be building it already! put me on your e-mail list, please! uburton @ aol.
        Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    • ULLA!!! It’s Anji from Mammoth – used to work @ MT. I have been trying to find you since I left Cali. Do you have an email or Facebook?!?

  3. Ella your house is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see how it progresses from here (I’ve been stalking your blog for ages but haven’t commented yet)!

    Miss you 🙂

    Anya x

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