We got electric…


As much as I love Little Yellow and bumbling my way through things with an ‘I’m sure it will be fine’ outlook, there are a few parts of house building that I am terrified of, have no interest in doing myself, and would rather be several miles away in a deep hole while the entire process goes down.

These parts (electric, plumbing and propane; in no particular order) have literally kept me up til unnatural hours of the morning thinking about electrocution and my whole house blowing up. Pretty much anything with pipes or wires…

Anyway, I am extremely grateful to have avoided direct involvement with the expensive wires and outlets thus far. My neighbor (who built his entire, not so tiny house by himself) is quite knowledgeable in all of the frightening, above-mentioned procedures, and has been so kind as to help me out.

Yesterday evening he got just about everything in order, so we set up a test bulb where the main light will be and flipped the switch. Light! Power! Woohoo! I’m so pleased 🙂 At the entrance of 2012 last night, my sister and I were sat on a cold workbench in the window bump out watching my one, beautiful light bulb.

As a result of my self induced exclusion, I don’t have much to report on the electrical workings, but I can tell you that it involves hole drilling, bright yellow wires and blue outlet boxes. And a very small circut breaker that is rather cute, as far as circut breakers go.


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  1. Hey Ella!
    I’ve spent the past couple of hours going over your entire blog and really enjoyed it – you’re living my dream…. With what you’ve accomplished, you should be very proud of yourselves! I can’t wait to see how you’ve configured the inside. By the way, your step-dad looks like a real sweetheart and he obviously loves helping out his daughter!
    Family love rocks!

  2. Oh that is awesome the house is coming along GREAT. I honestly would have felt the exact same way about the electrical if it wasn’t for my dad. I remember when we built our first deck he said “You’re going to be an architect ain’t ya? you should know how to build sh*t” (in not so elegant spanish :D) So by the time our second deck went up, framing it was a breeze. Then came new insulation on the basement. And finally it all culminated on a new expansion to his master bedroom which needed the whole works… new electrical/plumbing and all ( “Cuz we want a bigger bed dammit!”)

    Electrical (and any other part of the building process) is intimidating, but it’s not that bad once you do a little research, and its 10 times easier when you have someone who has experience on those jobs. I’m lucky in that regard, I’ll luckily not have to worry about this when my house gets started.

    Plunge in! You’ll be surprised how most of the trouble is just self imposed fear. We are way more capable than we think!

  3. Congrats, Ella! I’ll admit that electric is definitely an area that I plan to hire out. But I love the idea of bartering too… Great suggestion.

  4. Nice job on the electrical. I especially like the pride in work he shows by zip-tying the multiple lines and clipping them along the studs. Most electricians don’t go that extra step because they figure it will be covered by drywall and no one will see it. When you put on your oultet covers place a number in black ink on the backside to correspond to the fuse. This will make it easier and quicker to isolate what fuse goes with what outlet if you need to make a repair. I also use my label machine to make lables on the inside door of the fuse box cover so I know which fuse goes to what item/room. This comes in handy in the middle of the night when a fuse blows and you only have a flashlight. Can’t wait for the next blog! Happy New Year.

  5. Ok, as a former master electrican,one of the reasons you donot wiretie wires is heat. That said, in your little house the internal heat in the wires should not be a problem. You donot have any one circuit over loaded. Also most electricans are proud of their work and would love for the world to see the work. I agree that marking your panel is a good idea. Here in Austin one must mark all breakers in a panel,it is also a NEC requirement. On a different note the house looks great,Happy New Year

  6. Ella,

    Do you plan to have a solar panel or wind system? I plan to live off grid, as I’ve said before, and was going to install a system that can cover the bare essentials.


    • I really want to get myself running on solar at some point since my electric needs are pretty small…a project for a later time, I think. With finances the way there are it’ll have to wait until after the house is done and I have more to put into it.

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