Siding and insulating around the wheel wells…


After my roof sitting jaunt, I wasn’t feeling incredibly inclined to do much of anything on Sunday that involved walking or moving, so my dad and I settled with just putting lath and redwood 2x4s on the near side of the house.

Monday I went to the hardware store and picked up some spray foam for the inside cavity around the wheel wells. I really hate the thought of that sort of stuff, but after wracking my brain for an alternative that would keep air, water and varmints out, I gave in and bought some.

It smelled of a sort of spray paint-y, headache inducing yuck, but it filled the largish space so there you go. It also stuck to my hair quite well, not really sure how it got there…

Today I cut and put up more cedar siding while my dad was at work. This meant dealing with the blasted wheel wells yet again, but this time I knew what they were going to throw at me and made my way around jigsaw cutting the boards to fit without frying my brain too much.

It’s just as well I was in no particular rush because it took me the better part of forever to get each one just so. I’m sure if any carpenter saw how many times I repeated my method of holding up a board, taking it back, cutting a hair off and so on they would likely be appalled, but it works for me and as long as it ends well.

The hardest part of today was the fitting, cutting and attaching of the long, 16 foot boards after the wheel wells. They started out as 20ft boards which I had to wrangle out of the stack, wrangle into the garage, cut to what I hoped was right, then wrangle onto the house. There was a lot of wrangling going on out here.

I came up with a nice system of propping a block of wood against one end while I worked on the other, and emerged with siding up to just under the windows and feeling rather pleased with the outcome.

I’m finding carpentry to be very similar to sewing (another craft I bash my way through) but with slightly more rigid fabric. Saws are the scissors, clamps are the pins, drivers or hammers are the needles and screws or nails the thread. Of course, if you suck at sewing, the worst case scenario doesn’t get much worse than sticking yourself in the anywhere with a small pointy object. Carpentry, not so much. Right, there went the fabric/wood tangent…



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    • I agree that you are an amazing woman. Your self-confidence, bravery and artistic bent make for a lovely, well-rounded woman. Harp music is also “heart music” and Celtic harp music is beautiful and speaks to the soul. I wish you well in all your endeavors but I believe that, even without these wishes, you will have a remarkable and meaningful life. All the best!

  1. So with your analogy I can build a house too! I’ve read about 4 different house blogs from start to finish since Friday. I’m about your age so it makes it that much more awesome to read about your progress.

  2. hello miss. I feel like you should know that you and I would be best friends if we didnt grow up so far apart. I found your blog thanks to something that tumbleweed sent me. I hope to post some of my future adventures on my newly minted wordpress account. I look forward to seeing your progress! Be proud, you are doing something that most wish they could claim to do.

  3. I understand that method of something seeming to take a million more steps than you think it’s supposed to, but it’s a journey, and if you don’t have expectations that your supposed to be able to just measure and cut once and be done then it’s sort of meditative. It took me three days and two or three trips to the hardware store to install a new garbage disposal. Patience and being in the moment is key!

  4. Thanks to Tumbleweed, I can follow the adventures of a pioneer (you) in this project before I dive in and begin one myself. Just read your entire blog beginning to end. Keep up the good work!

  5. Wow, Ella! We must be on the same wave-length! I was just thinking about & writing about the sewing-constructing connection on my blog a couple weeks ago! So true how there’s these universal themes overlapping throughout various arenas, isn’t it?

  6. Just read your entire blog, I’m so impressed! Can’t wait to see lil yeller finished, keep up the hard work. I’m going to send a link to your blog to my 12 yr old daughter, inspirational stuff!

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