Teal paint, siding and jigsaw-cutting window notches…


The last few days I’ve been working on siding and making new window borders. The previous ones my dad and I made didn’t end up looking as nice as I’d like them to so we rethought and started over. Darned waste of the 4 hour intervals I waited before applying new coats of paint, but never mind.

This time I measured far more times than necessary (just in case it changed while I wasn’t looking) before cutting, sanding and painting. I bought some new stuff with primer in it and much to my delight, it looked beautiful after only 2 coats instead of the previous 3; I do hold quite a grudge against that particular colour of primer white.

I was so excited to get the siding up around the shiny new borders today that I almost didn’t care that I spent 3 hours cutting out the 2 notches and messed a whole board up before getting it right. I had tried to use a single, long board but didn’t find it physically possible for one of me (RIP cedar board) and settled with 2 instead.

I think it still looks alright so I’m letting it go; better 2 concise than one sloppy, even with the break between them.  I put up a few more boards around the windows in the dying light and it looks lovely indeed, but my moment of photographic opportunity had passed by then.

I feel I ought to tell all of you wonderful commenters out there how very much I appreciate your words and suggestions. I know I’m guilty of not replying to all of them, but rest assured that they generally leave me smiling like an idiot and bouncing around the house. Thank you 🙂


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  1. Thanks for your comments about our comments 🙂 It is such a treat — and so inspiring — to see your diligence and to share the excitement of the dream coming together — and apart and back together sometimes.

    I was thinking the other day that I hope you continue to post once Little Yellow is completed and starts on its journey. Otherwise, I shall miss you.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ll at least continue for a wee while, maybe a ’30 days in my tiny house’ or somesuch. But who knows? Perhaps I’ll feel I have enough to write about to go on longer…

  2. I love the color Els! It’s really lovely. Remember to think of painting as therapy. Cheaper than $90 an hour and you get the fun smell of paint along with it. Keep up the great blogging.

  3. What a joy to follow your well-written progress through this magnificent journey! You will be so damn proud of yourself when you’ve completed this delightful enterprise. How brave you were to even begin it, mostly alone, but with well-appreciated help when available. They’ll be calling their chips in one day and you’ll have to cook your first feast in your new kitchen.
    I’ve been following this company since its beginning and am so pleasantly surprised that a young woman with no previous carpentry ability has accomplished this forbidding task. Hooray for you!
    Personally I’m an 82 year old mom of five and grandmom to ten. Whenever my husband told me I couldn’t possibly do something – I was totally on it! When I decided at age 35 to enter college, I earned three degrees. When he said I couldn’t drive from Long Island to Disneyworld with our children, off we went in a snowstorm. When he said I couldn’t get on TV, I was on Password Show and won the maximum amount, which took me to Ireland to visit my aunt , who was returning home from Africa during that summer. And so it went…… Obviously no one will be telling you that you can’t do anything you want!
    Enjoy that beautiful home every day and never forget what you have accomplished. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations on all your progress. I wish I could build one of these cuties. I’ve always loved small spaces, but right now it isn’t in the cards. Anyway, I was wondering how you plan to fit a harp in there. I absolutely love traditional Scottish music. Best wishes on your new career and your new home.

    • Well, first of all I’m lucky my harp will fit through the door. At just under 22″, it’s always a consideration! I’m not certain where the storing of them will be, but I’m sure I come up with something!

  5. You are amazing! I love your Fencl, and the fact that it is YOURS. I’ve been reading your posts since before Christmas and enjoy doing so immensely. 🙂 I talk to my partner about it too, (she said this morning that she has a crush on you, it’s the gaelic music, the colours and the positive -whimsical! – attitude I think!). I’d love to do something like what you’ve done…and I think maybe that I will too. Your Fencl is certainly coming along, and I just had to write because who knows…soon it might be finished and then no more littleyellowdoor posts! We wish we had a friend like you! 😀 Alfred (and Steph too)

  6. What a fascinating and uplifting story! Be proud of your accomplishments. I have added your blog to my reader and look forward to your future postings. The very best of wishes!

  7. Fantastic!!! It is -51 below where I am and look to have a tiny home eventually too! My main problem is where to put one. I would like to relocate closer to my son in CA. If you know of any shared sites, community sites yet, there was talk years ago. Been following Jay Shafer’s home since perhaps ’98 – 2000 and have been happy for the response from the public. Especially glad to see the young women so proactive.

  8. I just found you blog today. whoooooooooooopies, It was your talking about the harp. I started building harps after we had our 14 children. (built 44 so far and start another one tomorrow) We lived in Hawaii then in a “temporary house” for 17 years. We loved it there. always wanted a round house inspired by Lloyd Kahn’s Shelter book over 30 years ago. Finally moving to Nauvoo, Illinois and we built our round house with my dear friend Vicki Andrus. I’ll be following your blog and read the older posts. I’d like to build one of these and have it in Utah for when we visit 9 of the 14 that live there. Thank you for your wonderful notes and keep wearing gloves so not to damage your harp hands. sooooooooo loved becoming the “chop saw queen Irene” on doing our floor and making the medallion. yes, dreams can come true and this is only a start for you. Maybe you” start making harps after this………..aloha, irene http://www.irenetukuafu.blogspot.com

    • I dug through your blog to find pictures of a harp you made and it is amazing! Do you play yourself? I may just have to try making my own at some point, thanks so much for your inspiration!

  9. I love how you are building your tiny house looking more fancy than I usually do going to work for the State of CA! But it looks great on you! LOL Is there a TON of sanding all pieces of wood involved in this house? or only interiors? How do you do it with the vibration of the sander….that makes my hand go weak

    • My mother never stopped me from wearing outrageous skirts and dresses when I was little and I’ve just kept on with it, if slightly toned down 🙂 I’m starting to use the sander more as I’m working with the wall paneling, but there really haven’t been too many times when it was crucial. I did have to sand the used wood for my door a LOT because it had been on a roof previously and had tar all over it. But other than that, not too bad.

  10. Ella, I love your house and your attitude about life. You and your skirts and tights remind me SO much of my own daughter…you would get along famously. http://whitneysara.blogspot.com is her blog (on hiatus while she is on a mission in Italy).

    Anyway…as my daughter is not building a wee house I’d like to make a gift for you. I’m an artisan blacksmith and I imagine your wee house could use some wee coathooks or towel bars or other metallic things. Sketch out some things to scale and let me know what motifs you’d most enjoy.

    P.S. I built myself a wee house (not on wheels). 12 x 16, cedar shake outside, woodstove and pine carsiding inside. Loft too. It’s palatial compared to yours. 🙂 There are pics on my blog (canoelover.com)

      • My pleasure, entirely. I was thinking maybe some treble clef hooks…bass and tenor clefs do not lend themselves to hooks. But it’s totally your call. Some folks like the leaves and flowers I make.

  11. Hi Ella,

    I just finished reading all of your Little Yellow blog posts thus far and just wanted to say I’m a big supporter of what you’re doing and can’t help but be inspired. I’m hoping to build myself a home in much the same fashion you are and can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience.

    Best of luck! I’ll be waiting for the next update!

  12. Hi there, I am a radio correspondent from germany based in Los Angeles. Are you anywhere close? I would LOVE to do a story about your project – and see whether this concept would be working for a radio studio in the backyard


  13. I found your blog yesterday and I’ve been reading through the archives with glee. It’s so encouraging to see somebody my age and general level of carpentry skill putting together a tiny house! Any advice to a college student thinking about building a tiny house?

    • Just to be determined in your plan. It’s often an awkward thing to explain to people so don’t get discouraged! Also, keep a mind out for spending money; it’s really amazing what you can stash away when you make a conscious effort. I got looked at funny for not eating out with people or going to movies, but I’m ending up with a house as a result so I call it even 🙂 Good luck!

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