More plumbing, more siding and a bit of determination…


This has been a delightful little week of progression with wall paneling, plumbing, window borders and siding having all come on a fair ways. Perhaps the most exciting happening occurred on Sunday afternoon when my neighbor got the plumbing ready enough to hook up to the hose and I watched as real live FREAKIN water came into my house!!!!

There’s nothing connected to the pipes (like a sink) or anywhere for the water to go (like a drain) so we just attached a temporary bendy tube doohicky and stuck it out the window, but it totally worked and it was totally wonderful 🙂 The next step is to put in a gas line from the water heater to a propane tank and figure out my sink and shower faucets/ drains. Looks like luck put metal support bars for the trailer directly under my planned locations so the latter should be interesting.

My dad has had a chance to work on the house for the first time in over a month and we’ve been putting up siding all over the place in the last few days. I had been in a sort of building stalemate with cedar siding for a little while so I’m really grateful for the help.

Sometimes it seems like there’s so much to do that it can get procrastinatingly overwhelming. I have tendencies to start on several hundred small projects (with no particular regard for a sensible order) leaving lots of things partially done. While this is fun for my short attention span, it does little for the feeling of accomplishment that comes with actually finishing something.

But! I have become recently determined and procrastinate I shall not! I will finish the exterior of Little Yellow by this coming Sunday! I am on a mission! I am excited! I may be underestimating my time frame. Right, Sunday…


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  1. Hey Ella,

    I’ve been following your work the past few months, and oh-my-gosh I’m so excited seeing Little Yellow take shape. I want to build a Tumbleweed myself and this keeps the inspiration alive without a doubt.

    Keep it up, Girl!

  2. This is really neat.

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  3. Ella,

    I’ve been following your progress for a few weeks now. I love the work you’ve done so far. It’s really inspiring. I plan to start my tiny home this summer starting late May. I was wondering how you plan to store water — or if you plan to be tied to the system. I want my tiny home to be completely self-sufficient and was looking into catching rain water.


    • I haven’t gotten so far in my mind as to properly think this through, but I will most likely be a grid girl for water. It’d be great to figure out some sort of water catchment because it seem so practical… don’t think it will be my sole source at this point though.

      Isn’t it wonderful planning for your own house? I wish you the best of luck 🙂

  4. Love to see all of your progress, im actually about to start this little adventure myself, i am treating the plumbing in the structure as an “RV plumbing system” in its layout, and have found alot of helpful information in this area, is this what you leaned towards when figuring out the plumbing for yours? Do you plan on having any sort of black/grey water tanks?

    • I wish I knew more about plumbing. But then I also don’t because conversations of that nature seem to make my head hurt. An RV layout would likely be a good thing to research though. My neighbor is the one who has done this stuff so far and I think he’s been following that sort of route, having worked up a few old airstream trailers.

      It’s looking like I’ll have a composting toilet and still have to figure out a tank or somesuch for the grey water. I hope your adventure goes smoothly! It’s off to a good start anyway if you’ve got a handle on this plumbing thing 🙂

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