Of painting, squint windows and getting siding between the rafters…


In my quest to get the outside done, I have to inevitably reason with things I’ve been putting off. One of these things is painting. Painting window borders to be exact, and I have an irrational dislike for painting window borders. Generally, I try to do it in sections so as not to have too much at once, but this always happens to backfire and I end up with more and more bouts of the task.

So this time I went for it, the whole hog as they say, and finally reached the light at the end of the sticky painting tunnel. I rejoiced in my accomplishment for a few glorious moments then found out I measured the two top boards for the loft windows wrong and will have to redo them in the morning. Darn.

The day’s highlight was definitely how the bump out windows came together. I haven’t written about the issues we had with them because it was really pissing me off and I was worried that they wouldn’t look nice, but as they are lovely I feel I can face the subject.

Basically, there is a super awkward amount of space surrounding the sides of each of the three big windows. The front one in particular is tricky because it isn’t centered so very well and neither side had enough for a 2×4 border. I eventually decided (actually, I think it was my mother’s idea) to use 2x2s instead and filled the gaps with a strip of some cedar fence boards that my neighbor gave me.

They happen to be almost the perfect thickness to look nonchalant and since they’re the same wood as the siding, it’s surprisingly nice looking. In fact, I feel it’s almost as though we meant it.

A great deal of today was also spent making little pieces of siding to fit between the rafters. This part, I can imagine, would be a jolly little breeze if your house was square. If it’s like my house, it involves tweaking each side to dimensions that are very much not symmetrical and hoping that no one looks long enough to come to this realization. Things are also at a wicked angle up there for the drill motor, so most of my little crooked boards are haphazardly screwed in at laughable directions. Good thing most people aren’t 9 feet tall…


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  1. Hi Ella!
    I´ve been following your project and really like the way you proceed and learn during the road. This inspires a lot of people, myself included.
    In one of your last photos I noticed a detail.. Don´t know the english word for it but if you look above the windows on the long side, the ends of the eaves sticking out, looks a bit fat. Traditionally in Sweden we cut the ends a bit curvy so the ends looks much neater. This doesn´t interfere with the strength just makes it look nice. Don´t know what you think about it but if you decide to cut them it would be easiest before any kind of painting…
    All the best

  2. When feeling overwhelmed by any task, now or in the future, Ella, just remember this:


    Do not let the little (necssary) shimming get you down. You know the expression “close enough for government work”? That’s what the pros say. They don’t do it perfectly. Ever.

    So reach around and pat yourself on the back, for keeping going when pain, frustration, weather, shortages, and oops of all sorts tried to derail your Little Yellow Caboose.

    And congratulations. ❤

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