Siding finished…


So I didn’t quite make it to finishing the exterior by today as I had ambitiously planned, but I did make a bunch of progress and have completely finished the siding! All around between the rafters, in the roof triangles and everywhere but just above the loft windows where I am planning something different.

One of the reasons I didn’t make the ‘Sunday get ‘er done’ goal is that I spent my entire Friday afternoon redoing the siding and window border on the hitch end of the house. This had been the first border we’d made and the first siding I put up by myself and, as learning curves often are, both were shifty at best. I’m glad I fixed it while I did, though in doing so I used up most of the normal coloured boards and was left with only dark, interesting sort of ones for the triangles. It makes the top colour pretty different from the bottom, but I’ve decided it adds character.

Another reason is that I’m having trouble sourcing wood for my fascia boards. Ideally, I’d like to use redwood since we’ve used so much of it already, but I’m finding it damn near impossible to find a long length 1×6 redwood. It doesn’t help that lumber generally comes in standard lengths, like 18′ or 20′ and that my roof is of the 20′ 4″ variety. Those last 4 inches are out to get me.

I’m so pleased with today though! Somehow, I appear to have ordered the precise amount of siding we needed and despite my concerns at having bought too much, I was left with a single board by the end. Putting the last piece up on the front of the house was incredibly liberating. I’ve been hoarding little scraps of cedar from my dad’s kindling pile since the early siding stages but I’ll be happy to burn the buggers now 😀


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  1. WOAH SOOOO AWESOME ALMOST DONE!!! Ninja poster here (I posted a while back, but haven’t since) and I just gotta tell you again how much of an inspiration you are to me, going out there and doing your thing. VERY COOL!

  2. Why dont you go for two 10ft 2 facia boards on each side? As long as the joins are neatly in the middle it will still look fine.

  3. got your link from tinyhouseblog, your blog is inspiring although does remind that, yes, things like this are a lot of work!! i get mad ideas and underestimate sometimes! it’s looking fantastic.

  4. A short story about you (hang in there until you appear): Over Christmas in response to an illness in the family that brought distance relatives together a bit unexpectedly, I had the chance to spend a lot of time with a cousin I’ve known very little of her entire life since her family lives so far away. At one point we got to talking about homes and such and I mentioned that this past two years of living in a old trailer was actually just a preparation for building something on my own some time soon. “Oh,” she said, “then I know something you might be interested in. There’s a blog I know about a woman in California building a small…” “Tumbleweed house?” I said, finishing her thought for her. “You’re talking about ‘The Little Yellow Door,’ right?”

    She was.

    When you started this blog, could you have ever imagined how far reaching and even inspiring your message would be? Cool how life works that way.

    (I’m attending a Tumbleweed seminar in three weeks and starting my own Fencl this fall. You’re providing great insights for me on decisions I’ll have to make myself very soon).

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