Of redwood fascia boards and holes in my floor…


Not to worry, these holes are the good kind 🙂 But first, I finally sourced lumber for my fascia boards!

Located a mere 80 miles away in the form of 1×12 rough redwood, my wonderful dad swung by on a trip to pick up my mother from the airport and strapped them to the roof rack. They dwarfed the car and stuck out in a mighty awkward manner (and made parking troublesome as I hear) but they are pretty much fabulous and the grain is beautiful.

Seeing as I’m faced with the bother of having to use more than one board to span my 20′ 4″ roof anyway, I’ve decided to incorporate a design element so that it might look as though I saw this coming. What that design or element will be I don’t know just yet, but I’m sure it will be amazing. Or at least…interesting.

To start, we had to run the 18′ boards through the table saw to get smooth edges and the right width. Then we ran them through again and put a 45 degree angle at the top so they fit nice-like between the rafters and the roof sheathing. I learned in this process that sometimes, when ripping a wide, seemingly straight board, half of it can go all weird and come out totally skewed. Lucky for us, this happened to the half we weren’t planning on using, but it’s scary to know that can occur.

Before we could put them up, we had to seal the wood under the eaves and rafters. My brain had somehow skipped past the sealing/staining part of housebuilding, but I guess I have to use something so I decided on a smelly product called Super Deck. Actually I decided on it before I knew it was smelly, perhaps I may have made another choice with this bit of knowledge.

Anyway, it drips, reeks, gets everywhere and makes the wood look gorgeous. I hadn’t wanted anything that would change the colour of my siding, but I have to say this stuff has a nice effect. Hopefully I’ll decide what I want to do with the fascia ends and get those up soon.

Now for the holes in my floor! My neighbor toiled away on more plumbing this weekend, and after multiple measurements and super double checking that we weren’t going to hit any metal, he drilled through the subfloor with a big, round metal bit and made the start of my kitchen sink and shower drains. He also built the toe kick for my cabinets and it’s SO exciting to have a visual for my kitchen.

I can’t believe after all that talk of fascia boards, I didn’t take a picture with them on this evening. So, I suppose you’ll just have to imagine them then. Maybe they’ll look perfectly square with nothing questionable whatsoever 🙂


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  1. I’ve been following this build for a while now and the problem with board length I think I might have a solution for you what if you had decorative corbels and placed one over the seam, and then in other spots to balance out the look you might even get one with hooks so you could hang flowering baskets from them….. Hope this helps Rob M

    • It’s been me and my step dad, with bouts of me working on my own getting more prominent recently. We started Spetemeber hope it’ll be done by May..it’s funny though, you’d think something this TINY couldn’t possibly take so long. But everything that goes into making a big house still goes into a little one, it’s all just a bit closer together 🙂

      • Ya, It will be my dad and I. I was just curious. I can’t wait to start. How do you get electricity? Ever thought about solar panels and/or tiny windmills?

  2. Looks great, I am Raymond a salesmen for Mary’s River Lumber. I have one question? When applying the Bevel did you nail through the Butt and the tip on the back side? the butt being the thick edge and the tip being the thin edge that u cover when over lapping?

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