A little yellow door!!!


And boy, is it yellow. Primed and painted, my door now shines a vibrant shade of happy that practically leaps out of the entryway every time I look at it. It’s a determined sort of colour; a vehement, fighting yellow you might say.

I hadn’t planned on filling any nail holes or dents in the wood, but it turned out they looked much more normal in an unpainted door than a painted one, so I filled only the glaring gouges and think it’s struck a nice balance. A very yellow balance šŸ™‚

The triangles above the loft windows needed something a bit different to tie in the door colour, so I tested the poor jigsaw’s capabilities and cut 4 half fleur de lis patterns out of a really sturdy 2 x 12. My right hand got a beast of a workout, the jigsaw prevailed and I put them up over painted 1/4″ tongue and groove cedar closet liner on both ends of the house.

It’s so much fun now that I’m able to start thinking about the nifty little details that give the house character. It seems so far away when you’re schlepping plywood around, but if you schlep long enough the good part comes.

I’m often amazed at how darn scratched and bruised you can get with the whole building operation. I’ll swear that half the time Iā€™m not doing much, yet at the end of the day, some limb that seems entirely unrelated to anything I’ve done always manages to hurt. Tonight, for instance, my left leg is all kinds of sore, my right pinky finger is bleeding, and I have no idea why. What is it with this carpentry thing?


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  1. Yay!!! The best colorful part!
    I hope to build one of these in the near future.
    i have a question: Did you buy the frame only plans
    or the full exterior and interior plans?

    • Yay yellow! šŸ™‚ I bought the full plans. I have to say that since I had ideas for my own floor layout though, I honestly haven’t looked at the plans once since the roof sheathing stage.

  2. your doing a marvelous job on your little house. Do you plan on putting on a sealer or a top coat over the yellow to help against fading? You mention the nifty little details I believe that some of those details that you mention are highly over looked by most and with out blogs like this others that would like to build their own would miss some of those things so thank you for sharing the passion that you have for you little yellow house Rob M

  3. Great look above the loft windows and such a fun color for the door!. How about making a window curtain out of your skirt for the loft or some place– it’s great with blue paint –maybe get some yellow on it, too? Are you watching and learning the mechanicals installation? We’ll be going up to our wee place in ME at Easter- can’t wait!

    • Thank you!!!!! Great suggestion. I’m trying to at least understand the basics of the electric and plumbing stuff and it’s seeming much less terrifying than it did at the start. Still, definitely not my strong point! Have fun in your little house at Easter šŸ™‚

  4. Hi Ella.

    I’m the Creative Director of YES! Magazine. Would you please contact me at tdunn@yesmagazine.org. Our upcoming issue is on Homes, and I had a couple of questions for you.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Tracy

  5. Girl…
    you’re becoming famous!!!hahahah…man I swear you look like me….skirt…dirt, clay, paint all over…adds to the overall dirty girl effect! So glad you are having fun…come by and see me next time you’re in town…I’m urging Taylor to build a dome down here to stay in the summer…

    Take care sweetie! Catherine

  6. Ella,

    I’ve noticed the area above the porch is not insulated — what are your plans for that small spot, is it something your waiting to do?


      • Nice! Would love to see it. Did you install a light above the porch — I’ve seen a few tiny homes with LED recessed lights. Personally, it was a little too fancy and modern for my taste.

        Keep it up =]

        I’m currently finishing the plans on my tiny home — would love to show you sometime.


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