Exterior stained and just about done…


Seeing as I hate painting with the fire of at least a few suns, I would have thought that staining would be an equally unfavourable task. It was actually quite a lot of fun and I went about applying it with a spring in my step…splattering Super Deck all over my shoes (note, that stuff doesn’t give up lightly).

The stain was a little odd to see all at once, but it’s settling into itself beautifully to a very rich, finished looking colour.  If I do say so myself, Little Yellow looks bloody lovely.

I got to insulating the ceiling over the doorway today and decided to cover it with 1/4″ T&G cedar closet liner which nicely resembles the colour of the redwood porch. There’s also wire sticking out for a light that will eventually reside on the redwood 2×4 alongside the porch window.

It hit me as I stepped back to admire the newly paneled/insulated doorway that that’s basically the exterior done. I have a few little detail type things I’d like to do, but all of the really big scary things are pretty much over with. Looking from the big-house window to my little darling outside I feel so freakin’ relieved, it’s not even funny.

All of the small aspects that bothered me or looked strange for so long have been remedied in one way or another and I barely even notice them anymore. When I see it, it looks like a house. When other people see it it looks like a house. So much so, that a passerby the other day thought I was reworking some kind of prefab existing structure. Hell, I can hardly believe that all the scattered projects have amounted to an entire house, however tiny.

I just went back through old pictures from when Little Yellow consisted of a trailer, a 69 Chevy pick up full of lumber and a general feeling of ‘holy shit, you kind of have to make this now’. I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions that that face me on the interior, but I’ve bumbled my way into this, so I’ll just have to bumble my way out again. One piece of wall paneling at a time…


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  1. I feel like crying. I remember when you were shopping for the trailer!
    Wow. It’s beautiful Ella!! What a journey it has been!! It looks amazing!
    You ought to be proud of yourself!! You’re off to a great
    start!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Congrats! She looks gorgeous. I’m sure it’s a great load of your shoulders that all the fiddly stuff is done and the fun part begins – interior design! Have fun with it. I can’t wait to see the final product.

  3. This is a courageous adventure that have taken on building your little yellow house. When all is said and done I think you should print off your blog and have it binded into a guest book so you’d have a memorable keepsake of your adventure . Cause every house has a story….

  4. I look forward to your posts and feel a sense of accomplishment with you. The process is as beautiful as the project. Thanks & congrats!

  5. Ella,
    Your colors and the decision for the stain is exciting and looks so good. I feel the excitement that you have because your whole family is involved. This is something you will never forget.

    Lighting – dx.com same as deal extreme.com [customer only] has LED based automotive type bulbs.
    I have bayonet bulbs like the tail lights in a car.

    I live in a motor home and have converted my main lights to them. Wonderful. Cooler and they do NOT burn the plastic covers over the lights. Almost as bright and a wise change since they do not burn out as often as the incandescent ones.

    Kindest regards and keep it up.

  6. Great blog, I enjoy all the pictures. We are building a tiny house with cedar siding too and I am curious what color and brand of stain you used…it looks very polished yet natural.

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