A bathroom wall, white paint, table saws and an eclipse…


I’ve put up my bathroom wall! The first partition! It’s actually the only partition in my floorplan, but that makes it even more exciting 😀

I used 1 x 5 tongue and groove pine screwed into horizontal supports at the top and bottom. I’ll need to put some more bracing in there because it’s a mite wobbly the now, maybe some shelving or something to hold things together and make for some extra storage.

I thought about framing the wall with 2×2’s and insulating before adding 1/4″ wall paneling…but I didn’t. I haven’t much of a good reason other than would have taken slightly more space and perhaps been slightly heavier. Also stronger I suppose, but this is what I’ve got so I’m liking it.

As a rule, I don’t use the table saw by myself and it’s ended up as the last thing my stepdad does actively in the build. It hasn’t been an issue in the past because the whole idea freaks me out, but recently, it’s started bugging that waiting for him to run cuts is preventing progress.

So I’ve convinced him it’s less safe for me to not know how to use it properly, and received a pretty terrifying tutorial with his reluctant agreement. That machine scares the pants off of me, but I gathered a bit of courage from wherever it hides down in my shoes somewhere and have been making my own cuts since.

Actually doing it myself now is not as horrid as I’d feared. I’ve spent so much time watching my dad every time he ran the saw that I almost feel like I’ve done it before and it’s a relief to cut what I need to when I need to. How exciting all the things I’ve learned from this house and my dad since September when I was afraid of the nail gun.

2 more things: I’ve painted my wainscoting white and the eclipse last Sunday was incredible. I went hiking with my mom and dad to the top of our mountain, equipped with little rectangles of welding glass to look at the sun without frying our eyeballs. I guess I didn’t take very many pictures of the bathroom wall or what I’ve painted (i.e. the point of this post) so instead, I will give you all lots of pictures from our eclipse hike last weekend. It was pretty cool 🙂


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  1. The “beautiful day for an eclipse” should be the cover of your next book! So glad you’ve found your courage re the table saw. It IS a monster but you just gotta know how to handle it — and keep your wits about you. Thanks again for all the sharing. 🙂

  2. Haha I have used a table saw lots and I have a really healthy respect for it. I don’t think it’s a tool to be scared of but you have to feel comfortable using it.

    With such thin walls aren’t you worried of sounds getting out of the bathroom that shouldn’t? Lol I guess if your living alone it doesn’t matter much.

    • Yeah, I figure in a space this small there’s not a whole lot you can do to keep such sounds from escaping, though insulation would probably have helped. I’m still glad for the extra space in my bathroom from the thinner wall, even if it’s not by much.

  3. Ella, one idea would be a wall sandwich: tg pine, 3/4 foam, 1/4 bead board. We made our floor similar to this method: joists, OSB, 11/2″ foam, tg pine. Most of our interior walls needed wiring so we used 2×2’s and tg pine.We insulated the john walls. Hope this helps. Our next phase is rainwater collecting for shower, sink, irrigating. We made a 5 gal bucket compost toilet, so this allows the septic tank to become a grey water tank that we also use to irrigate plants after a simple filtering. After inspection, of course!

    • Ah, that’s a good idea. Forgive the question, but how do you find your composting bucket toilet? That is the route I will most likely be taking, but I heard mixed reviews. I’m also concerned that I wouldn’t be able to compost onsite if I were living on someone else’s property…Nothing more exciting than toilet talk 😉

      • Find the book Humanure at the library or at amazon –great read!. You use peat and sawdust, you would need a place onsite to do the composting. So you will have to go the route of RV portapotti (has water tank and a blackwater tank) and when full dump contents into someones toilet or campgrounds dump station. I think ours is a thetson– amazon has them — this is a better route for you. many are low to the ground so make alittle platform to set on. you can also get toilet that hose drains into portable blackwater tank that you take and empty. Hope this helps.

    • Ella, we have a Sanitation Equipment Visa for our popup camper . Dometic, Century and Thetford.are good ,too Spend $100 -150 so you can get parts as well as good capacity– under $100 are junk. You can see at a RV store — amazon has best prices.
      In our cabin we have a 5 gal bucket in a wooden cabinet with a seat and pail with sawdust and peat with a scoop. I think humanure has a website with excerpts and plans. Enough of the potti talk for now-let us know if more ?s. Jeff

  4. Little Yellow is really coming together! I can’t wait to see it all finished, although it will be bittersweet because I’ve had so much fun following the progress here. The eclipse wasn’t visible in my part of the country… I’m a tad bit jealous!

    • Thanks Haley! Too bad about the eclipse, I hope you get one where you are soon 🙂 And I plan to keep blogging about Little Yellow life when I’m done with the build, I’ve had so much fun with it too!

  5. Okay Ella, your blog has helped me to build a step by step process of building my Fencl. Extreme, I know, but it will help me to see what’s coming next and I take comfort in lists, especially since I think my help will be coming in waves and I will need to be able to lead this process. All of your recommendations, hindsight thoughts, and lovely stories helped out so much! Thank you 🙂

    I also wish that you lived on the East Coast, and that the Washington, D.C. workshop included a visit to Little Yellow just for fun. lol

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