White walls, a window seat and some bad yellow paint…


It turns out I love spaces with white walls. Of course in saying that, I recall some sort of rhyme they used to say in school about white walled rooms and crazy folk…so to be clear, this love is for white, house-y walls. Not the kind one might find in mental asylums.

So last week, I went out to buy my first ever gallon of paint and started with some serious purpose. I painted above the wainscoting on both sides of the living room/kitchen, behind the middle shelves, the back room, and 3 walls in the bathroom.

I could say that my dislike for painting has improved on the interior surfaces, but that would be lying. These surfaces have all just gotten bigger, and perhaps even less appealing. Despite my annoyance, I put 3 sanded coats on everything and did my best to make it look even and as if I didn’t hate what I was doing. It was totally worth it though for how everything turned out, and Little Yellow now houses the most lovely collection of white walls.

I’ve also made legs for my window seat bench! I decided to use branches from a fruitless plum tree that needed some pruning as they are just the right colour and thickness. I love the look but let me tell you, cutting those buggers up was a nightmare. They may have seemed straight when I selected them, but each branch was its own sort of wonky that resented and battled my every attempt to level them with the chop saw.

I spent a good 45 minutes trying to get the 4 of them just right before giving up and screwing them into the wall to see what’d happen. Perhaps my willing for it to work had some effect, because the bench sits on them so very nicely and it doesn’t wobble at all. I’ve set up some fluffy pillows from my room and it’s so cozy πŸ˜€

I should probably mention what happened with the yellow paint I thought to put on my wainscoting during my mad painting phase. I like yellow, right? So then I’d like a yellow wall, right? WOAH, wrong. I picked a nice sunny colour, went home and got to painting me some wainscoting. It didn’t take long. I know it was a fine shade and all, but on my wall it looked like the colour yellow turns when it’s about to be sick.

‘Touch of Sun’ (as it was titled) lasted as much time as it took me to make a frantic run for the hardware store and buy enough white to cover that thing in short order. Man, I don’t even know if I waited long enough for it to dry before the coat of white…That’s ok. I’ll take the repercussions.

So, it looks like what I really want is to put yellow things in my house, not to have yellow wainscoting that punches me in the eyes every time it graces my view. Yellow curtains, maybe?


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  1. No photos…Bummer! Cuz I really enjoy seeing how far you get each week. Already looking forward to reading your next installment. =)

  2. I think some people must assume that painting a tiny house would be easier than a big one. But big flat spaces are easy to paint. You’ve got all corners and trim and edges and stuff to paint around. One thing I’ve learned about paint is that one coat of really expensive paint is cheaper than easier than three coats of cheap paint.

  3. I too have an intense hatred for painting. Fortunately for me, my wife finds it to be tolerable.

    I purchased my Fencl plan last week and was checking over some of it. The front door is only 22 1/2 inches in the plan. What size is your door? Do any of your windows swing open, possibly to allow larger items in?

    • My door is actually just under 22″ with the trim that’s ended up around it. It’s certainly a wee one. I do believe my big window can be taken apart so that the whole space opens if I really need to though. I was going to make it a casement window but that idea left pretty quickly when I heard what the extra mechanisms cost, yikes.

      If you can swing it, a fully opening front window would be beneficial. Congratulations on your plans purchase! They looked like chicken scratch to me at that point πŸ˜€

      • I just got an e-mail from Tumbleweed about a $300 off discount on plans for this weekend only. Now I can’t contain my excitement! It looks like the time has come πŸ™‚
        Btw, I’ve heard plans are also on sale at the workshops…is there any way that they’ll be cheaper than this offer?

      • Hmm, I shouldn’t think so, though I’m not sure since I’d bought mine by the time I went to the workshop. $300 off is quite an exciting thing!

  4. Ella – I was at our local co-op the other day and saw Yes! magazine at the checkout aisle. I quickly started flipping pages until I came across your smiling face! Congratulations! How exciting for you and all tiny house dwellers!

  5. White walls do make it feel larger but something about painting over nice looking wood makes me feel sad. It’s really looking nice in there though. Are you happy with the size of tiny house you decided to build?

    • I feel that my house is exactly the right size. It looks like I’ll have quite enough space for my things and I’m constantly surprised how big it seems to me. Every time I walk in it’s just like my own little palace πŸ˜€

  6. I also love the white walls! My husband and I are planning to paint our bathroom white with a light colored tile for the floor, while leaving the great room of our tiny house with the clear finished pine panelling. That was our compromise on how much we wanted to paint. πŸ˜‰ We love reading your blog because you write such useful and detailed posts on your PROCESS, and not just your finished product. Helpful for fellow tiny house builders! πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work!

  7. Looking gorgeous, madame! I really like the white walls contrasted against the warmth of the wood ceiling – that is what I’m planning to do. I like the tone of white you chose! Was there a reason you used wainscotting? Was it just to provide a different visual texture?

  8. How beautiful to read of your memorable experience meeting that warm, generous Danish carpenter. He was indeed your Angel in Need. My writer/museum curator daughter is in Copenhagen now, immensely enjoying that city, which you’ll have to visit one day in honor of him.
    Your meeting was serendipity! God Bless him and you.

  9. Absolutely adore your blog! I am getting ready to build my tiny house (same model as yours, more or less) here in New Zealand, so every week I am pouring over you blog for β€˜how-to’s’. And the pictures are fantastic!
    Was wondering if you would share how you’ve calculated your materials?
    So looking forward seeing the Yellow Door being completed!

    • Thank you! I’m afraid I’m not sure how you mean ‘calculated my materials?’ If you are referring to cost, I figure I’m in roughly $17,000 at this point. Hopefully there wont be that much more til I’m done!

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