A Danish master carpenter…


I’ve made some wonderful progress around the house this last week which I will go into soon in another post, but the following story is more important right now.

Last Saturday, my dad and I went to meet an incredibly skilled Danish master carpenter who lives in the next valley. Not everyone can just call themselves a master at their craft, but he’s been at it since his apprenticeship in Denmark at 14 and makes the most amazing wooden things in his very well organized shop. He talked endlessly of tools and Copenhagen as though he’d known us forever, gave us a box of organic eggs from his chickens, and agreed to make slab counters for my kitchen.

The next day he came to check out the exact dimensions in Little Yellow, and by Wednesday at 9:00 am I had custom counters; milled, glued, and expertly crafted from local pine hauled out of the woods. He proudly stated when he arrived that I now had $1000 counter tops, and he charged me $60.

I found out Sunday that Flemming Nielsen had died in his sleep that morning, June 10.

It’s so strange, I can remember everything he said to me and he was so alive only a few days ago. It all went so fast, 4 days after meeting him I had my counters and 4 days after that he was gone. We almost didn’t make it out there Saturday, what if we’d waited until this week?

My beautiful counters had to have been one of the last things he ever completed and I am so sad yet so grateful to have known him briefly as I did. I will think of you every day and what your did for me and Little Yellow, rest in peace and thank you so much Flemming.


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  1. How sad for those who knew and loved Flemming Nielsen. But what a wonderful addition to your home. As a Widow, I know how it feels to lose someone unexpectedly. Flemming’s last acts provided you with a treasure and a memory.

    • I’m so sorry, it must be terrible to loose someone so close to you. The counter tops are a treasure indeed, I couldn’t have found someone to make them for me as he did if I was looking

  2. Wow!!! What a fantastic gift and such serendipity. You knew little yellow was special and now it is even more special. I think he was inspired and enthused by your passion and adventurous spirit and I am so glad for you that he was able to share and recognise it.

  3. I would honor him by etching his name in a small space to memorialize such a great master of beauty but then I am Danish and a romantic at heart.

      • Or you could even get a small plaque of brass to etch all your fantastic people who have helped .. just a thought but you have had some wonderful people help you and you should always remember them with happiness .. 🙂

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