Of corner shelves and window trim…


For some reason, I’ve started calling the back/changing room adjacent to the bathroom ‘the pink room’. It’s not pink, nor shall it be as I’m not particularly wild over large amounts of the colour, but that’s what it has named itself and I can’t seem to shake it.

Last week, the pink room got corner shelves. Lovely, crooked corner shelves with irregular spacing…but there you go. I stand that if I had a third arm or so they’d be perfect πŸ˜€ Making 45 degree angle cuts on the 1×12 pine took two runs through the chop saw for each side and I attached them to the wall with 3/4″ cedar strips.

I was going to use galvanized corner braces to hold the shelves up, but those little buggers aren’t cheap when you buy enough of them. I also decided that I didn’t like how they looked (probably because of this), so I ran some cedar fence boards through the table saw and they provide perfectly adequate support. Best to nail each strip to the bottom first though unless you want the shelves to slide off and on. Don’t try to attach them to the wall at the start, what a faff. Hammering up-the-way is not a calming task.

As of yesterday, I finally have all of my window trim up. All of it, wahaha! This is exciting mostly because it makes things look pretty and finished, but also because my indecisiveness regarding them was so vast as to take several weeks of delaying. I put 1 x 2-and-whatever-each-window-is-wide pine boards in first (it shouldn’t come as a surprise they’re all different) then trimmed them with 1/4″ tongue and groove pine wall paneling. I decided to make them swirly, sort of like my fascia boards outside, and cut each one with the jigsaw. It didn’t take as much time as I thought, and I’m glad I put the extra effort in. My windows look so pretty now πŸ˜€

It is worth noting that I bought shorter (3′ long), slightly more expensive wall paneling for my trim that is intended to be wainscoting, and the quality of wood was considerably better than the 8′ bundles I used for the walls and ceiling. Good to know if you’re working on something that doesn’t require longer boards.

And now, one of those horrible gripping moments for you. I woke up the other day to some tree pruning going on across the street where a flatbed trailer had been brought in to haul out the debris. A 7′ x 18′ trailer I’m pretty damn sure, and when I looked out the window in my half-sleep haze, I was in an absolute panic that I had dreamed my house’s existence and had to go back to the floor framing stage. It didn’t take long to trip downstairs and assure it was still sitting pretty out there, but gad zooks. A beastly, beastly feeling!


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  1. Ella, Love the trim! Looks Scandanavian- we’re not that daring. The shape of the corner shelves is great, too. The wood supports are called “cleats” and are used in all kinds of cabinets and bookshelves. We think our pine siding has a pink tinge to it as well. The way lite bounces around and reflects off it, I guess. You calling it the pink room may be a subconcious perception

  2. Oh Ella, that window trim is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I can’t wait to see it finished, and I know you can’t either. And I hear you on the fright of seeing the empty trailer in your sleep, I’ve done that before on things myself.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. I agree with the previous comments about that sweet, sweet trim. Brilliant choice to bring in the Yin curves, especially since most of Little Yellow is so Yang.

    As to the Pink room, here’s a little something to celebrate with:


  4. Love the trim for the windows. Those, and the small accents in the peaks outside really bring the design elements together. I think in any project the small attention to detail is what caries the success of project. It’s looking so good. Congratulations on all your progress. I look forward to your posts and love checking in on Little Yellow.


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