Curtains up…


And the window seat bench has been stuffed and upholstered! My wonderful sister came up with her wonderful sewing machine and slaved wonderfully away for hours on end, several days in a row to get them done. I was the dedicated fabric cutter and seam ironer, but she basically made everything and I’m so grateful.

We stuffed the window seat bench cushion with extra sheep wool insulation I got back in September from Oregon Shepherd, and let me tell you, that stuff makes for a really wonderful thing to sit on. I did put a 1″ high density foam pad on the bottom just to keep it rigid and the combination has totally worked. It got a relatively thick canvas casing first (which we spent AGES stuffing) and then another of the good upholstery fabric to finish it off. I’ve brought back out some pillows from the big house, and it’s super cozy now 😀

And then come the curtains…Little Yellow has 10 windows. Each got a curtain for each side, and all but the bump out windows also got two sides of sheer fabric, which means that there were 34 curtains on the list. 30 freakin’ 4 of ’em, and my sister made them and my bench covers in two days. Amazing? She is.

We made the front curtain rods out of copper pipe (3/4″ for the big windows and 1/2″ for all the others) and round pieces of 1/2″ craft wood for the sheers behind. Leftover moulding with drilled notches is holding the rods up. I say leftover moulding as though I merely bought too much, but this moulding has been thwarting the heck out of me as I try to make my baseboards. I keep cutting the angles wrong, leaving me with sad little sections of unloved, unreturnable, angle-challenged wood.

I’m sure it’s happy to have gotten used, but it was disagreeable stuff to drill into, and the process involved a vice, more patience that I had at the time and plenty of ‘test pieces’ that shattered and flew in every direction. Just as well I had lots of leftovers, eh?

But now I have curtains! All of them, and they are so very, very nice 😀 They instantly make Little Yellow so much more homey!


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  1. What a joy it is watching Little Yellow grow into your home. Copper pipe for curtain rods, beautiful! Imaginative use of the leftover molding. And such wonderful results from your sister and you. The best part of it all must be that your family has assisted you in building your tiny home.Truly built with love, sweat and tears! No wonder you are smiling in your pictures (your smile may be beaming a hint of triumph over situations we can only imagine from your blog). Can’t wait for your next installment!

  2. Your curtains look awesome! Years ago when I bought my first house I wanted to uses copper pipes as rods and my then husband thought it was silly. He thought alot of things I wanted to do was silly:) Good Job!! BTW- the only thing I worried about was the oxidation on the pipes staining my fabric, I thought I would clear coat them at the time. Keep up the good work, it’s getting really exciting now.

  3. The curtains look AMAZING!!! You chose great fabric for a great house, and I wish you the best of luck with the baseboards. Can’t wait to see the finished product! BTW, great thinking with the pipe. 😀

  4. Oh Ella, Your windows are so beautiful. And your window seat is absolutely gorgeous. You and your sister did a wonderful job. I can’t wait to see it finished (bet you can’t either. :-D) Tegan

  5. Sa-weet!! It’s so cool that your sis came to lend a hand and a sewing machine. Wow, putting all of the last touches looks so fun!! I’m so happy for you.

  6. Ella, once again I am so proud of you and your accomplishments! Little Yellow is really looking like a HOME! Kudos to sis!

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