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A rather tiny bathroom…


I’ve barely mentioned anything about my bathroom thus far, so now that it’s almost completely finished I had best get on it. It is located behind the kitchen, adjacent to the pink room and underneath my loft floor. I suppose it’s one of the only things in Little Yellow that’s in the same place as the original Fencl floorplan. It’s a little wider though, and a little shorter I think.

I remember in summers when I was little, my mom would put a galvanized horse trough out in the backyard. We’d fill it with water, and it would be our grand swimming pool. I freakin’ loved that thing. So when it came to building my house, such a horse trough was my first choice over those nifty corner shower units.

It works pretty well actually. I used a clawfoot tub faucet with a shower diverter that I’ve run a copper riser from, so it can be used as a tub too. A 3′ long tub, but a tub nonetheless 😀 The faucet also functions as my bathroom sink since I decided not to install a proper one. It had less to do with not wanting a sink, and more to do with spacial issues and being incapable of deciding where to put it. That and the thought of drilling another hole in my floor…Anyway, I honestly don’t miss the sink, it’s pretty tight in there and my tub faucet is just fine.

I made a shower rod out of copper as well (1/2″ held from the wall by brass cup hooks), and hung from it the beautiful yellow curtain my sister and brother (in law) gave me as my housewarming present. Since I could only silicone down the side of the tub that’s facing out, I built a 2x redwood deck around the backside to keep water from getting in there and to have a place to set things.

My toilet is the good old bucket and sawdust type, as by online instructions, with a hexagonal cedar box to make things look a bit more sightly. I haven’t used it yet. I’ll admit I’m a mite afraid of the thing… That box did not want to get made, either. My dad and I aptly named it the hexagonal toilet from hell. Quite apt.

Now, I have no door to this bathroom. It’s one of those things that I really didn’t want to make, and so far I’ve done a great job at continually not making it. It’d be heavy, I don’t know which way it’d swing and it’s too late for a pocket door, so I’ll probably end up with a curtain. With just me living inside, I’m fine with that. I could always build one later if it becomes important.

My aforementioned sister (and lifelong collector of marvelous, often useless things) naturally had a brass porthole mirror lying at the bottom of a bookshelf, which she donated to my cause last week. It’s pretty much awesome, and sits under my bathroom light because it just looks so very nice there 😀 I made 2 redwood shelves, put up a little manzanita branch to hold jewelry, and that’s about it.

As a note, my tub is about 3ish inches bigger than my front door is, so in the unfortunate event of its removal, I’ll either have to convince it out the big window or it will be tub sawing time. I’m hoping this tub has a good, long life.




The futon from heaven and the ladder that leads to it…


So the wool and cotton futon I ordered a little while back (from Small Wonders) is WONDERFUL. I was so excited when it came, that I couldn’t wait for help and hauled the thing down the driveway, through the 21 3/4″ door and up the loft by myself (probably a lot easier for the burlier-than-I folk out there). I’ve been sleeping on it every night in Little Yellow since the day of its arrival and it’s like being on a queen sized, non toxic cloud.

It did take about 2 hours to fall asleep the first night and I woke up every 30 minutes or so to marvel at that I was actually sleeping in my house, but I chilled out and it’s been perfect from that day. This may seem like a strange thing to be happy about, but this futon smells amazing. Sort of like…I don’t know. But really nice 🙂 My previous beef with futons was the weird foamy smell that’s usually present, so I’m very glad there’s nothing like this on mine. I guess it’s because of better ingredients.

It leaves me with about 10″ or so of storage space on each side and at 6″ thick, I think it’s the perfect loft size. It’s also got those got those sewn down pocket things to hold the fibres in place, more like a mattress than a futon, so it feels really normal to sleep on. I absolutely love it! Quite an exciting thing to go to sleep these days 😀

And I have a shiny new ladder to get up there now! A very generous carpenter in town, and an acquaintance of Flemming and my dad, gave up his time and trouble (and an 8′ white oak board) to make one that is so beautiful and well done it’s crazy. More on that later!


Of plumbing and leaks…


That’s right, leaks. The other day I went to test the water; connect the hose to the house, turn the bugger on, and wait for the terribly exciting sound of rushing water through the walls. Terribly exciting, that is, until you start having a look at the shut off valves that are undeniably weeping with the drip of death. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but when 5 out of 6 possible connections were leaving little puddles at the bottoms of my cabinets, my peace of mind went from la di da, to house leaking panic.

My nieghbour was equally stumped. Having put everything in with care (plus teflon tape), and never having seen so many leaks at one time, I began to consider possible plumbing curses that Little Yellow may have contracted. Not that I’ve made a point of pissing off any plumbers, but one has to wonder.

I felt really bad that things weren’t going according to plan and, seeing as it is my house, decided I ought to know how to fix this sort of stuff…so I picked me up a wrench and got to it. I flooded the underside of my cabinet taking the hose off, I smacked myself full in the face with the aforementioned wrench, and had a one sided screaming match with plumbing in general, but I fixed those %*@& leaks. You can just call me Ella the plumber 😀 (best not).

The dripping was only occurring at threaded connections leading up to the shut off valves, so I took them apart and put on new brass connecty bits as the old ones got totally buggered in the act of their removal. This time I used tape and pipe thread compound. Overkill, you say? It aint leaking, I don’t care.

I’m sorry to have been terrible at putting new posts up as of late. Things are going beautifully and Little Yellow is getting really close, but once I fall behind I find it hard to get up to date with so much missed information. It doesn’t help that my camera (his name is Harold. I don’t know why) has suffered a terrible melted chocolate incident that seems to have adversely effected his workings. He still takes pictures, though you can’t see what you’re taking pictures of, so I’ve also missed photographing some processes that ought to have been documented.

In any case, I aim to put up some summaries in the next few days. My sink, shower, door lock and cabinetry are all in, and my awesome futon bed has arrived! Oh, and I’ve stumbed upon two wee kittens that I don’t think I can live without 😀 The cat at the barn had 7 and most are on their way to being feral if they don’t get homes. It’ll be a little while before I take them (in the meantime I visit them every day) then in I go, head first to 2 cat responsibility. I’m excited!