Of plumbing and leaks…


That’s right, leaks. The other day I went to test the water; connect the hose to the house, turn the bugger on, and wait for the terribly exciting sound of rushing water through the walls. Terribly exciting, that is, until you start having a look at the shut off valves that are undeniably weeping with the drip of death. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but when 5 out of 6 possible connections were leaving little puddles at the bottoms of my cabinets, my peace of mind went from la di da, to house leaking panic.

My nieghbour was equally stumped. Having put everything in with care (plus teflon tape), and never having seen so many leaks at one time, I began to consider possible plumbing curses that Little Yellow may have contracted. Not that I’ve made a point of pissing off any plumbers, but one has to wonder.

I felt really bad that things weren’t going according to plan and, seeing as it is my house, decided I ought to know how to fix this sort of stuff…so I picked me up a wrench and got to it. I flooded the underside of my cabinet taking the hose off, I smacked myself full in the face with the aforementioned wrench, and had a one sided screaming match with plumbing in general, but I fixed those %*@& leaks. You can just call me Ella the plumber πŸ˜€ (best not).

The dripping was only occurring at threaded connections leading up to the shut off valves, so I took them apart and put on new brass connecty bits as the old ones got totally buggered in the act of their removal. This time I used tape and pipe thread compound. Overkill, you say? It aint leaking, I don’t care.

I’m sorry to have been terrible at putting new posts up as of late. Things are going beautifully and Little Yellow is getting really close, but once I fall behind I find it hard to get up to date with so much missed information. It doesn’t help that my camera (his name is Harold. I don’t know why) has suffered a terrible melted chocolate incident that seems to have adversely effected his workings. He still takes pictures, though you can’t see what you’re taking pictures of, so I’ve also missed photographing some processes that ought to have been documented.

In any case, I aim to put up some summaries in the next few days. My sink, shower, door lock and cabinetry are all in, and my awesome futon bed has arrived! Oh, and I’ve stumbed upon two wee kittens that I don’t think I can live without πŸ˜€ The cat at the barn had 7 and most are on their way to being feral if they don’t get homes. It’ll be a little while before I take them (in the meantime I visit them every day) then in I go, head first to 2 cat responsibility. I’m excited!


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  1. Luv the harp peeking in the picture with your kitchen. Very glad to hear your plumbing situation has been remedied! I for one can relate to the one thing leads to another and another when doing a repair. It’s comical later but not when you are in the middle of it all.

  2. Good that you’ve chosen kitty siblings — that way they are already accustomed to one another and you don’t have to go through an adjustment period to decide who’s the alpha…they’ll just work that out organically.

  3. Ella, your home is coming along beautifully! I love the countertop. We are planning on going with stainless steel, but seeing yours makes me think otherwise. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration!

    • Thanks, guys! The wood is really wonderful, though I suppose with stainless you’d have less worry of water damage. I’m sure whatever you end up with will be lovely!

  4. Nice site! Our cat just had three kittens and while they are used to us, are terrified at everyone else. So, we’re planning on keeping them around. They add such joy to our lives! We are living in a 200 sq. foot camper right now while we decide what kind of cabin to build. We learned campers aren’t really designed to live in full time. The pipes have sprung leaks, the water heater has gone out, the tanks have froze off and on…, but we are learning lots while living in it.

    I was curious to hear from others how you clean your small dwelling place. Do you clean it from top to bottom every day, or work on one section at a time on a different day?

  5. Those kittens are cute, and I’m really not a dog person… So sorry to hear about the leaks. No offense, but this can only happen to you (possibly me someday).

  6. I LOVE your countertop! We’re working on turning an old chicken coop into a tiny house and had some wood around, planning to make one similar, and I was wondering what sort of stain/treatment you used for it. such a beautiful house!

    • I love it too!!! I ended up just using mineral oil because it doesn’t smell and won’t go rancid. I had a few issues with finishing that I will elabourate on in a post soon!

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