Moving day set…


All things going right (please go right), I will be heading on my grand adventure 5 days from today on Monday, October 8 2012, house in tow.  Holy cow.

What makes cows so holy? Holy turkey. Holy goat.

I could say a bunch of things about being excited as heck and terrified beyond reason, but today I think I’ll hold it in. The list of to dos before then goes on and on…

Open house update (tentative plan):

Monday, October 8:

10-12 Frazier Park, CA

4-6 San Luis Obispo, CA

Tuesday, October 9:

1-2:30 Santa Cruz, CA

As I’m hoping to reach my final destination before it gets too dark, I’m afraid the Santa Cruz open house is probably only going be 1.5 hours instead of 2. I’m also not terribly familiar with that area, anyone have a good, open-house-type place to park in mind?


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    • Noo you’ve been in SO CAL all this time and I didn’t realize it? Now you’re moving away =/ Major bummer! I so wish I could have realized and seen you sooner. Have a lovely and blessed and safe and uneventful move! I used to live in EU – I sooo miss it! Don’t you? Namaste!

      • Oh no! The best I can say is that the earlier Monday open house (in Frazier Park) is about 1.5 hours out of LA, maybe you could make it?

    • i am hoping to see your place in Santa Cruz! i recently discovered these “tiny houses” and i’m so inspired!!! would you like to do or will you be doing an open house in San Jose?

      • Hi Sarah! I’m afraid I’ll only be doing open houses along my route. I know that Austin Hays, the young fellow who recently completed his own Fencl, will be having one in Santa Rosa not too long from now though, look on the Tumbleweed website 🙂

  1. Love your little house and have enjoyed watching you build it.
    As for Santa Cruz – Natural Bridges State park has a large parking lot and easy to get back on highway 1 or 17. Have fun and be safe.

  2. Yahoo for you!
    Also, holy cow is from India where cows are considered sacred and actually roam freely in the roads!!!! Traffic in Delhi is interesting to behold!
    Have a great journey!

  3. I wish you every bit of luck and tons of good wishes! I absolutely LOVE your little house. You did a fabulous job building in, I’m so jealous! My lack of talent stops me from making one, but I applaud yours!!!!!!!!!

    • A friend is towing it with a…very big pickup truck. I don’t honestly know what make or model it is, but it’s used to pulling a full horse trailer that weighs about 10,000 lbs. Wish I Could help more! I’ll put up pictures of it during the drive I’m sure!

      • Ok. So you are not actually pulling it yourself… So is it a plan to eventually own something to pull it with, or will you just depend on someone to help each time you want it moved? I ask because a truck to pull it with is not cheap. It could actually cost more than the sweet little house itself…

      • Hi Carol! I highly doubt I’d buy a truck that can pull it. I’m lucky to know a lot of horse-y people that often have big ones themselves, and as I’m not likely to move the house too much, I think it’ll be fine.

  4. It’s so awesome to hear you’ve finished your tiny home! Definitely keep us posted as to what it’s like to live in it! I’ve frequently contemplated the benefits of downsizing from my 1600sq/ft to 120sq/ft or so.

    Awesome job!

  5. Congratulations! Your house is beautiful!

    Would it be possible to for me look at it on a weekend? I’m in the LA area only on weekends, but I am stuck in Ventura on Monday for work and school.

      • Hi Ella –

        I also live in LA (SF Valley) – any chance I could see it this weekend too?
        Hubby is busy watching baseball playoffs this weekend 😉


  6. I just discovered your blog and, as a tiny-home-obsessed urbanite, find it very interesting and informative. I live in SanFran and would very much like to attend your open house. Are you going any farther north than Santa Cruz? If not, I can probably travel down there…

  7. Natural bridges as someone else mentioned and maybe the Mall parking lot on 41st street right off hgwy 1 . The boardwalk is central but congested in my opinion….but would work. Oh yeah, another great place I just thought of would be the home depot parking lot which is full of trucks with trailors, plenty of room for your little house. It’s immediately off 41st avenue, which is right off hgwy 1 too. I will try to make it to your open house.

  8. Hi Ella! I’m impressed with your project, your writing, your wisdom, and the way you’ve so generously shared it all with the world and the tiny house community. I live in the (North!) Bay Area and I’d like to get in touch with you about tiny house stuff in the area after you’ve had a chance to settle in. Drop me a line sometime… pepper at bungalowtogo dot com. Welcome to the extended neighborhood, I’m so excited you’ll be sort of in our neck of the woods! By the way, my husband and I delivered our Towhee tiny house to So Cal this summer, so if you have any quandaries or questions, we’re happy to advise 😀

  9. Hi I am in Santa Cruz CA and want to see your open house on Tuesday!! Where is the open house please !!Thanks looking forward to seeing your beauitful home, I am planning a move out of state and building a tiny house of my own soon so it would be very helpful to see your success. Blessings, L

  10. I’m so sad I’m working tomorrow!! Will you by any chance have an open house at your final destination? I’m moving to San Fran on Thursday and I hate to think that I’ll miss the chance to see your stunning little home.

  11. I am so proud of you! I’ve read your blog from end to end and can’t wait to see more along your way. You are an inspiration! ❤ Safe travels!!!

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