Packing and getting ready of things…


I packed a lot yesterday. In fact, I packed mostly everything into 5 small boxes that sit in the pink room and make things feel not so homey and rather unsettled. I had to keep reminding myself as I went that I’m not leaving Little Yellow, just making her road worthy.

My neighbour was a saint helping me get things together today. He was available, installed the extended brake lights, put up my porch fixture, showed me how to take off the PVC drainage pipes under the trailer (they’re a little too low for road travel) detached the propane tank, and turned a bundle of electric wire into my 70′ extension cord. Day saver? Definitely.

I’m more than a little scattered right now. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off…But hey. I’ve got really clean windows. In fact I have 10 (now) glowing ones, which I laboriously washed from inside and out the other day.

I really don’t know what got on them. Well, I do, dried up Super Deck, tung oil, caulk, the manufacturer’s sticker residue, paint, and a bunch of water stains. My dad said he thought they were the dirtiest he’s ever cleaned. I’ve never properly washed windows before, so they were most definitely the dirtiest I’ve ever cleaned.

But clean the buggers I did, with razor blade, washer thing, scraper thing and towel. They’re pretty spectacular. My dad always talks about the glories of well washed windows and I always thought he was a bit out to lunch, but I have to say there is a certain glory to these windows right now. So clear it’s like there’s no glass at all, and the house looks so very polished. Low flying birds beware…

Open house locations:

Monday, Oct 8:
10-12 Frazier Park, CA across from the Coffee Cantina.
Address: 3011 Mount Pinos Way 93225

4-6 San Luis Obispo, CA Trader Joe’s parking lot.
Address: 3977 S Higuera St

Tuesday, Oct 9
1-2:30 Santa Cruz, CA Home Depot parking lot (Soquel)
Address: 2600 41st Ave 95073

One piece of sad news. At least for a while, I am not taking my darling kittens with me. This has been a difficult and rethought decision, but I believe it to be for the best for now as the place I’m moving to has 5 dogs that have pack mode going in full force. They pretty much chase anything that runs, as I witnessed when they bolted after and caught some kind of screaming wild animal in the 30 or so minutes I was there.

I’m pretty airy fairy about this sort of stuff, and tried to keep an ‘I’m sure it’ll all work out’ attitude, but sometimes you have to be realistic and not let the fact that things usually work out lead you to making stupid choices. If either one of my babies got hurt or (in my sister’s ever so delicate wording) ‘ripped to shreds while still alive’ because of an unsafe location I knowingly brought them to, it would be beyond terrible.

I’m thinking I will at least go up and suss out the situation until they get bigger or I can build a fence or someplace safe. I don’t know. I may well end up moving somewhere else that’s more small-fuzzy-animal friendly. But my parent’s are in love with them and I know they’ll be happy here where they already know the ropes. I’m sure I’ll miss them more than they’ll miss me.

I’m really going to miss them 😦


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  1. I wish you were moving to a safer place without a pack of five dogs. I was attacked by a pack one time and carry the scars to this day. I’m glad you had the forethought to leave the kittens behind, though. Stay safe!

  2. My daughter and I are driving in from Orange County for your Open House on Monday. I’m so excited to see your Little Yellow in person.

    Good call on the kitties. Finding the perfect landing spot for all three of you is part of the transition. This is a good start.

  3. Ella,

    I agree with your decision to keep the babies safe with your parents until you can find a proper home spot for all of you. That’s what good kitty mamas sometimes do – put the little furrie’s needs before their own.


  4. Things will work out Ella, you’ll get your kitties back with you. Just give it time and you’ll find the right solution. It’s too dangerous if the dogs are not “cat” friendly. You’ll be adjusting to your new surroundings first, then you’ll have time to decide about bringing the kitties with you. Have faith!!! Good luck!!!

  5. Oh dear Ella, for months I’ve been looking forward to meeting Little Yellow at your open house and bidding you a fond farewell … I hope you know that only a broken ankle and prescribed immobility would keep me away.
    Sure you can’t swing through Malibu on your way up north???? (Just kidding)
    Love you and wishing you a fantastic adventure! Keep us all posted.

  6. Good morning from sunny, crisp Colorado!
    I have never met you, but I am so excited for you and your new adventures! I think you made a wise decision to leave your little furry friends with your mom and dad…at least for now. Some day you will be reunited I am certain! I wish I was still living in San Luis Obispo, I would love to come see your Little Yellow Beauty! I will be sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way! The best to you and I am really looking forward to hearing more about your days ahead! You are such an inspiration! ~ :o)

    • Aw, bummer! I wish you were still in San Luis too! I’ve heard wonderful hings about Colorado though, were you able to make it to Chris and Merete’s tiny open house a while back?

  7. Well Ella I dont beive i ever commented before but habe floowed you almost since the beginning and what you have accomplished compared to most people your age is inspiring it gives me ha glimmer that there is still hope for the younger generation you and your family should be proud and remeber this is really just another chapter not the end! Please Keep writing to us all !

  8. Ella…I’m inspired by you. So glad to hear of your decision about the kitties, considering the situation; a decision about their safety and not about what’s convenient for you. Best of luck to you. I so wish I would’ve been able to do it at your age.

    I’m 51 years old and just caught the tiny house bug. It’s not practical for me as I have 5 animals, but I’ve been dreaming about a very large collapsible cat cage with detachable shelves, that attaches to the outside of the house, where the cats could be safe and still enjoy the outdoors. Maybe some day [sigh].

    I look forward to hearing more about your adventure!

    • Sandra and Ella – I have multiple rescue cats and wonder if you’ve heard of Purrfect Fence? I have one and it allows the cats to go outside safely without fear that they’ll get away or that anything will get them. I love it. Just a thought for you both. You can get to their website by googling Purrfect Fence. I plan on downsizing to a tiny house, with my many cats, so I don’t think yours should stop you, Sandra. I applaud you, Ella, for putting your babies’ needs ahead of your own. Good decision. : )

      • I have heard of the Purrfect Fence and if you have a permanent residence with your tiny house, on wheels, it’s a great idea! My cats would like it now at my current house! 🙂

  9. I am a 63 year old grandmother and love miniatures. To save I have enjoyed your blog and your pictures is an understatement. Thank you for all you have shared. I look forward to more interesting adventures and God bless you and yours.

  10. Your blog is wonderful! I read your latest entry this morning about not giving up. And I like the “warm fuzzie” description and the reference to cat hair! Sorry you can’t take your kitties (for now).

    Unless you must open house in Santa Cruz, there’s a place on route 1 north of Half Moon Bay that would be great for an open house–I think it’s called Pacifica. There’s a great little coffee shop in an old train and the best thrift store ever. I think you could just siddle off the road nearby.

    Maybe I’ll call in sick tomorrow and try to catch you in Frazier Park!


  11. I’m really wondering what vehicle specifically you are towing the tiny(heavy) house with…did I miss it posted somewhere. The best of luck

  12. I have 7 cats and would be heartbroken and guilt-ridden if anything happened to them so I built a wire cage around one of my trailer windows with a series of tunnels leading from there to cages in the yard. They jump out the window and are able to sit outside safely. I think that they like the secure feeling that nothing can get them.


  13. You are taking on the world single handedly and setting a wonderful example for the next generation 😀
    How to live tiny and efficient, requiring little, and saving money for more important things. I too live small and efficient with hardly any belongings and prefer it that way.
    Never give up, Never surrender!! (Galaxy Quest, the movie)!
    I look forward to future posts!

  14. Just read your post about cleaning your windows. I imagine they will get a little messed up again during transport. One of the best window cleaning touch up tricks is using #0000 Steel Wool. Use it on dry glass. It’s easy, cheap, quick and gets even more stuff than a razor with no damage to the glass. It will damage window films, so be aware of that. You right about the glory of perfectly clean windows. For me, no other cleaning activities have such satisfying results.

  15. My Blessings on the move and many joys then and after. Maine is too far away for me to visit so will send my wishes and smiles. Please stay in touch with us .. in has been an honor sharing your journey.

  16. Amazing Ella – I am blown away by your beautiful house and what you have achieved. Really blown away, and inspired and so happy for you! Sad about your kittens not going with you, but yes, you made the right decision. They’ll be safe and content. Good luck on your adventure! x Corrina

  17. Hi Ella, longtime follower, first-time commenter. Huge congratulations on finishing your house! And thank you for documenting it along the way, it’s super-helpful.

    My gf and I are hoping to build our own little house in the future, and we’d love to meet you sometime to chat, get the lowdown, exchange notes. Maybe we could show you around the bay area too (we’re in Oakland). Drop us a line if you like! And welcome to the bay area. I hope you like it here.

  18. Hey Ella,

    Awesome house and awesome blog! I too am a recent college graduate, musician (DADGAD guitar for contra dances), and San Francisco Bay resident obsessed with tiny houses. I hope to live in a tiny house so I can focus on more on playing music than paying rent, and am in process of designing the house now and locating a build spot. I too had no building experience prior to starting this project, so its been awesome reading about your progress; it gives me the energy to keep going!

    Thanks again for your blog, and perhaps see you around the Bay Area, maybe at a contra dance! If you like Scottish music, you may like the Scottish/Irish/French Canadian/New England melting pot that is Contra Dancing.



  19. Thank you for this blog. Your entries have given me confidence that, as a total novice, I too can build a tiny house. I just bought the plans for the Walden. We’ll see how that goes! Kitties are smart — they will remember you and you will always be their mom. When you come back to visit or maybe take them to their new home, it will be like you never left.

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