Safe and sound…


Just wanted to let you all know that Little Yellow made it up without any trouble. The roof (and the house) did not fall off, nothing broke, nothing fell, and she’s a full 1000 pounds under the weight limit of my 7000lb trailer.

I have been ridiculously tired the last few days from the moving ordeal, but am unpacking and settling into the new spot. I’ve a feeling folks are dying for pictures (of which I have TONS) so I’ll put them soon!

Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to drive from however far to see my Little Yellow! The open houses made the whole trip so much more fun 😀


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  1. Great seeing you and LittleYellow at the Frazier Park Open House. Loved LittleYellow. Glad the trip went well. Can’t wait to see all the pictures from the trip. Never give up , Never Give in, Never serender.

  2. Wonderful news, Ella! Thanks for checking in. It was great to see Little Yellow in person and to meet you. It was such a charge to walk around inside your Tiny House after having followed along with you here. I posted a few pics of our Little Yellow Field Trip on my little blog. Your home turned out beautifully. I am wishing you so much happiness as you settle into your new life!

  3. Congratulations Ella. I am so glad the trip was a safe one! I wish you the best in your new location. I am sorry I was unable to attend any of the open houses. Wrong time, wrong coast, you know? I love all you have done though and you are an inspiration to many. Blessings….

  4. It was great meeting you in person and to see your tiny house. It is exquisite. I would like to read the article being written about your open house by the local newspaper reporter who was there in Frazier Park. What is the name of her paper and is it available on line?

  5. CONGRATS!!! You are a huge inspiration….I am making plans to build my own Casa Pequino soon, and have been following your awesome post from here in San Diego. All the best on your new chapter! -Nicole

  6. @Ella: Glad you and the house made it there safely! This may not be the place for this, but I haven’t seen it addressed in the blog. Can you comment about the modification you did at the porch end to the original Fencl design? I think the way you’ve done it would, one, make for simpler roof framing, and, two, give you more loft space on that end of the house, as compared to the original design. Is that right?

    @Victoria: You have a very nice blog of your own going. I am a writer by trade. You definitely have skills along that line. I live 1,500 miles from California and couldn’t make an open house of Little Yellow. I know when Ella blogs about it, it will be from her point of view. So I was curious to see it from a visitor’s angle. You did that very nicely. Good luck with your own dreams of a tiny house.

  7. Ella! Congratulations, you have a beautiful home built by your own hands, “JOB WELL DONE” Before life happens and this blog fades to memory, I wanted to try and put into words the (Incredible Inspiration) !! YOU !! and your blog, reading from beginning to end has been to me! You will never know the impact it has had on me, although I still haven’t found a way to build my Tiny Home, I will Endeavor & Persevere because of !! YOU !! Thank You for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be an Inspiration, I think to many, with any luck I’ll be posting of my progress soon, by the way, I’m going to miss reading your wit, your humour, and just all around the way you express things.
    P.S. I wish for you the very best on your life path, glad you made it ok without any mishaps, the Open Houses were fun, and hope you can be re-united with your kitties soon.

  8. Ella, once you are settled, Steve & I would love to take you out to lunch or dinner and get to see you and the ever so charming Little Yellow. This was one rollercoaster of an undertaking and I loved reading about how you tackled every problem that developed and never lost sight of your
    dream. And now here it is….all come true. That is one amazing Little house. Can’t wait to see you!
    Hugs, Carmen

  9. Hi Ella, Are you still in Santa Cruz? I live in Los Gatos (about 20 minutes away from Santa Cruz). My family and I would love to see your home in person. My children loved the video tour and my daughter has made us promise that we can build one for her!

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