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A functional door, system improvements and new things…


Can you believe it’s coming up on 5 months that I’ve lived in Little Yellow? It feels much longer to me, and also much shorter and then longer again when I think back. But time will do that to you. She is such a good house 🙂 Better all the while as life gets easier and easier with the fixing of slight systematic annoyances.

The wonky door situation has been remedied and it FINALLY closes and locks now, which is quite the luxury. There was some wicked cold weather and it being partly open didn’t do any favours. Used to seeing your breath inside your house? I wasn’t. Enter the Origo heat pal I bought second hand (or maybe third, by the looks of it) on ebay during the build and totally forgot about. It runs on denatured alcohol like my 2 burner boat stove, and puts off a goodly amount of heat when you sit around it.

I’m begrudged to say we also got a refrigerator, albiet a very tiny one (1.something cubic feet). I really wanted the icebox system to work, I really did. But when you come home to find the block has melted and your food is swimming in a cooler filled with water of questionable sanitation every 3-4 days, you get over it. It ended up costing more and being more of a bother to get the ice so regularly than it does to run the tiny fridge, so a fridge it was.

A dandy craigslist find that happens to fit perfectly under the house outside between the wheel wells and the stairs. One of the main reasons I didn’t want one was for the noise, and the ever so slight inconveniece of having to leave the house to get things is outweighed by the beautifully unhindered silence in Little Yellow. It’s also a tad ugly (no offense, little fridge) so hiding it where it is keeps the inside pretty. The picture I took of it came out horribly for some reason, I’ll take another and put it up soon!

My boyfriend is good at keeping growing things alive and bought us a bunch of lovely potted plants from the local nursery. My previous track record leaves little question that I am not good at keeping growing things alive, so I mostly leave that to him. I water them, they look happy, then they die. What can I say? Anyway, none of them have kicked the bucket yet. They’re set all pretty on the old tractor bones outside the font window and I hope my fondness for looking at them doesn’t cause any wilting.

Over time, this house has totally changed the way I look at ‘stuff’. Current stuff, new stuff, I am finding a way to let go of ‘stuff’. Before I moved in I didn’t like the idea that I had to get rid of everything. I decided mine would be featured in the hoarders edition of tiny houses because I loved my collection and didn’t feel I had to part with it. So at first, I didn’t. But I am finding now that I strangely don’t want it all anymore. From clothing to knicknacks to kitchen things, I have willingly opted to sort through what’s around me and let what isn’t essential move on. Bags of things to the goodwill or friends means less things around to crowd my space, and I LOVE it. It feels so freeing.

I had heard tiny housers talk about downsizing back when I was in the research stage, but I think I misunderstood them at the time. I think what they were saying wasn’t so much that you have to get rid of everything you own and become an instant minimalist, but that when you live tiny, you won’t want so much of what you don’t need around you.

Or that’s what it seems to be in my case anyhow. I mean, I actually cleaned my car. MY car, you know, the one that I just mentioned in my last post as being a complete and total crapshoot? Those tidy car types would still shudder at the sight of it, but I can even fit other people in there now. Passengers, woah.

To anyone considering a tiny house for two, I’d also like to note that inhabiting 120 square feet with another person is a total non-issue from my experience. As long as you both get it and get along, the size of your house is irrelevant. Those folks who love to indicate that your tiny house will only work while you’re single are out to lunch. A grumpy, lumpy lunch that doesn’t taste very nice. And on the subject of naysayers, they generally don’t understand how you want to live your life and what’s important to you. Sometimes I have the feeling that they think my tiny plans are just there to make them look bad, so don’t take it too seriously.

Job news! I no longer work as a restaurant hostess because I now work for Tumbleweed. TUMBLEWEED! Basically? I am actually going to get paid to go around and present at their workshops.


Am going to get paid.

To talk about tiny houses.

I’m not quite sure there are enough ?!?!?! for this. The Berkeley, CA workshop this weekend will be my first go in conjunction with the lovely Pepper Clark. So If you happen to be attending you will see me, most likely bouncing around and speaking at 120 mph 😀 I will try to slow down, I promise.

I can’t believe how this all has changed my life. This house, my little side project so I could exist in tiny, artistic freedom, continues to form my future in remarkable ways. Wonderful!!!