October anniversaries…


Last year on October 7, I was panicked beyond previous comprehension. I packed my life, got the house road ready, built Little Yellow some stairs and gave a few headless chicken style tours. I cried. On October 8, I rose from 5 hours of half sleep, half house-shattering nightmares and got in a truck that hauled in its wake the contents of my year’s work and life savings. I cried. I watched my house leave its little nesting spot and saw it go down every street, highway and freeway with my eyes glued to the rear view mirror. I cried. I met wonderful people at the two scheduled open houses and tried to be present.  I tried make note of how many got in there at one time. I didn’t.

On October 9, I woke up in my house in a Travel Lodge parking lot, full on Dorothy Kansas style. I figured this day would feel more normal. It didn’t. I open-housed again and watched Little Yellow rear-view mirror it up the coastal route. I got to my new spot and said goodbye to my almost mother Jill who pulled the house and rocked this trip. I had $200 to my name and felt oddly scared and silly that evening.

On October 10, I met a friend who invited me to my landlord’s party that Friday. I got a hose and some jacks for the house. On October 11, I tried to unpack some things and didn’t. On October 12, I hostessed at the restaurant I got a job at and went to the party with my new friend Maria.

On October 13 at 1:30 am, a very tall, very drunk fellow started dancing with me. Proper dancing. I went home and thought I’d never see him again. On October 13 at midday, I saw the tall fellow walk down the street and into my restaurant looking much less drunk. I walked with him after work and sat on one of the many cliff benches by the beach. He said we should sit on all of them and see which one we liked best. I was in love 😀

I am so glad that I moved here when I did, and so happy to be where I am. In absence of pictures, here are a few things to look into. My sister and her husband are embarking on their own tiny house and I am SO thrilled for them. They are making a serious of ridiculous youtube videos that are worth watching if only for the dog, the accent and structural asparagus references.

I started recording some old man hating songs a few months ago. I have at least 20 but got distracted after 3, so here is a cheery one from before the happy days.

Also! A Little Yellow tour video when I was still in the driveway, and one from the new spot.

Happy fall!


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  1. Hello Ella,

    I admire both your house and your music. I have been enthralled by tiny cottages for as long as I can remember and became truly excited when I first heard of tiny houses on trailers. I’m looking very seriously at tiny house living and as part of that I’m particularly interested in off-grid solutions and natural construction where possible. I’d love to pick your brain on any number of details, but here’s two: I am curious about your sheep’s wool insulation: when you’re in damper climes, do you get a sheepie smell in the house? Also, how does Little Yellow behave on the road?

    • Hi! Little Yellow was a champ on the road. Much much sturdier than my fears! As far as the wool goes, I don’t notice a particularly sheepie smell, though I do wear mostly wool clothing, so perhaps I’m immune! I would think unless it were truly wet you wouldn’t have an issue 🙂 Best of luck pursuing your dream!

  2. Hello! I came across your blog (which I love) while looking for tub ideas for the little home I am starting to build. How is the trough working for you? Is it something you could soak in too, or strictly for a shower? Your little place is gorgeous and very inspiring! Thank you for sharing

    • Hi! The trough is pretty small but I love it 🙂 If you were to take a tub it would definitely be of the soaking variety and not the lounging, but it is totally doable!

  3. Hello Ella,

    Checking back for another update. Hope all is well for you and the Tumbleweed crew. My Fencl is coming along nicely, just getting to the siding now. Electric and plumbing soon to follow.


  4. Hi Ella,
    How did you find a landlord for your space? It seems like the hardest part of it all! Please help!

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