Tiny for 3…


Turns out, 2 people in 120 square feet wasn’t quite enough. Who would have thought? So we got a puppy :D. Well, he’s not exactly a puppy but I will call him one just the same. His name is Lobster (Yeah. Lobster. You can thank my boyfriend) and he is a very good boy who loves his little house.

He’s a rescue, so we don’t know much about him besides that he was a stray. He found himself in a high kill shelter before he got saved by a wonderful lady named Laurie who runs a small scale rescue out of her home called Heartfelt Hounds. We started looking for a dog on a Sunday, talked to Laurie on Wednesday and had a Lobster by Sunday evening.

In the shelter they called him Rock, but Laurie didn’t think dogs should be called Rock so she named him Rockster. Then Zac started calling him Lobster, and now we have a dog named Lobster. Laurie was thrilled. I don’t think much of it anymore, but every now and then when I’m the girl at the beach chasing my dog and screaming ‘lobster’ I do get a few odd looks.

Lobster totally gets the tiny thing. He sits very nice in the house, and only seems interested in his two happy places; on the bench or on the mat by the door when the bench is taken by those two very rude people who don’t seem to understand that it is in fact, his.

I have never had a dog before, so this is all very exciting. He likes to chase pine cones and has a weird obsession with dried sea weed. Like, really. There is nothing cooler to this dog than chewing up seaweed tails, which probably explains his love of the beach (seaweed central) but not the water. If there’s truly no seaweed, sticks are probably the next best. Fetch is totally exciting for about 3 throws and then he’s over it.

We’ve been walking and hiking so much more, I love how taking the dog for a walk has turned into a great shove to get out and do something. Luckily though, Lobster’s a pretty chill guy so he mostly lays around the house after he gets some exercise. I’d say good consideration for a tiny house dog is one that is relatively low energy. Something that bounced off the walls it would probably be a bit much in so small a space. It seems counterintuitive not to have a chihuahua in a tiny house, but bigger dogs (anyone read Macy’s blog? I love her Great Dane, Denny 🙂 ) are more likely to be up for laying down and hanging out.

Anyhow I love my Lobster! Also known as Slobbster, or slobber dog. He’s a very messy drinker.

There are other developments I need to write about soon, so I’ll try to get on that in the next few days! Good stuff! Happy new year!


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San Franicsco Bay Area based harpist, singer/songwriter of blues, folk and pop influence. Debut Album 'Who Asked You Back' is out on all digital platforms and physically at www.ellaharp.com

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  1. Hi Ella! How adorable! I’m Heather and I was wondering if you would be able to answer a question about your blog! Please email me at whenever you get a free moment at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂

  2. Rock Lobster! As a recent admirer of the tiny house movement and a lifelong dog-lover, I’m very interested in following your adventures! Thank you for rescuing, he looks like he is settled right in. I think he looks like he could be part Greyhound – there are only a few breeds with the brindle coloration.

  3. Lobster looks like such a sweetie! My family has a beagle and a dachshund; I doubt they would be able to live in a tiny house. =P

    Hoping to go to the ATL Tumbleweed workshop, not sure if I’m going. I have quite a few questions I’d like answered. =)

  4. So cute! I hope I can own a little house one day. You guys are so awesome. My belated New Years Cheers to many days and years with your little lobster everywhere you may be. And many blessings. For some reason I feel like listening to the B52’s. In particular to the Rock Lobster song

  5. He’s adorable! Bless you for taking him into your tiny space. I’m kind of partial to ‘slobster’ LOL I also love your writing style and look forward to your newsletters. Blessings in 2014!

  6. Looks to me like he’s got the eyes of a Sheppard, and the coat of a Staffordshire. That muzzle and long legs have me thinking Great Dane though. Good looking crustacean, er, dog.

  7. He’s a very handsome hound. I love your little home and the recent addition of Lobster, which is a great name. I don’t know if I could ever live in a little house. The houses here in England are quite small anyway, but we have too much accumulated stuff from the last 40 years to go any smaller than the house we have currently. Good luck to you three.

  8. Congrats on Lobster! He is a handsome boy! I have 4 rescues. It is the best feeling in the world to know that you saved a life! Enjoy!

  9. Hi Ella,
    Im designing my own tiny house and I can’t decide on whether I should put a skylight in the loft. What are you thoughts? If you did it again, would you included a skylight?

  10. LOL, cutest dog ever 🙂

    Just found you from a YouTube video about your house – awesome house and good for you choosing to live like that – debt-free and mortgage-free. What a concept 🙂

    Have you bookmarked and now off to read more of your site as I’m fascinated by tiny houses, living in a small apartment in Bangkok myself and loving it. Gorgeous photos, btw.

  11. Hi Ella, great post. And very handsome couple. I’m thinking about building my tiny house in California (preferably Orange County or Los Angeles is possible) too. Can you point me in the right direction for California housing codes?

    • Best way is to type in you city, with ‘zoning code’ or ‘building code’ and get to a official looking site for your area. They differ radically depending on where you are!

  12. You are my hero! Thank you for sharing your journey with the world. I am signing up for the April 2016 workshop in NYC. You are living my dream. Looking forward to your reading about your future adventures!

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