Fancy roof flashing tar stuff

at 4928 × 3264 in A tiny wood stove for a tiny house…

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  1. Reminds me of when I lived in the little camper trailer for three years in Malibu. Happiest time of my life. That’s a great little heater, very handsome unit, just make sure you get a carbon monoxide detector El.

  2. Have been following you since Day 1 of your Little Home (it has been promoted from House to truly a ‘Home’) and really glad to see you’re so happy. Zac is adorable and obviously a great life-partner helper. Wonder where you are that is so cold, but being near the water makes it worthwhile. I’m the 84 yr. old grandmother of ten who wrote to you since the beginning of your building project. . Continue to be happy in your Tiny Home (I’ve always been a favorite of them since their beginning) and keep making music!
    Joan Schmid in Vermont

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