The boards coming down


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  1. Ella, I am about to spray in closed cell foam into the ceiling cavity and cover that with Roxul insulation, before I put up tongue and groove. (Or I might use only foam in the ceiling, but it’s so expensive.) I know TumbleWeed uses foam on their builds in CO. I don’t like using the toxic material at all, but I’m worried that the 2X4 construction just doesn’t leave enough room for proper venting. Any thoughts on that? So sorry for what you have experienced!

    • The word on the street is you don’t need to vent your roof if you’re using spray foam. The thinking is that it will prevent all air gaps, so the rising moisture will not hit a cold surface and will therefore not condense. So spray foam it up!

  2. Your earlier post about this clued me into a concept that I, too, had never thought about when building my tiny house. My project, dried in except for the roof (under two tarps all this time) has been on a sort of unplanned hold due to a few distractions and for various other reasons, primary of which is figuring out how I’m going to solve this problem. In my mind I’d come up with something almost exactly as you have done. So, if it’s any comfort for you, you’ve saved at least one tiny house and occupant from a similar fate. I’m sure there are many others, though.

    Here’s a bit of further comfort; I’m certain there are so many others you’ve helped, informed, or just generally inspired by your blog. Upon learning my cousin was contemplating building a tiny house, our first conversation about it found us tripping over ourselves to be the first to inform the other about your blog.

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