Anniversaries and pretty pictures…


2017! Holy cow, how did that happen? Is time speeding up for anyone else or is it just me? We celebrated 4 years in Little Yellow back in October (our tiny-versary if you will 🙂 ) and I can’t believe it’s come and gone so fast. The holidays were a chilly blur (by California standards) and the wee stove has gotten near daily use, cranking out the heat and keeping the house warm and toasty.

Home maintenance never ends, and despite my way tinier than usual space to maintain it still overwhelms me. I am very grateful for Zac in these doings because he has this remarkable way of making lists of things that need to get done and then doing them. It’s amazing. I also write lists, painstakingly and in my finest lettering, on the backs of receipts and opened envelopes. However, I prefer to leave them there. And never find them again.

Luckily, Zac’s listing has saved us once again, and dear Yellow has been kept up quite nicely. We now have what we call ‘the garage’ which is a big job box sitting on the hitch that houses a gas grill and general tool like items, a new chest-type fridge (outside, protected by a similar job box) that is not only bigger (yay!) but also uses 1/4 less power than the previous one, I’ve redesigned my kitchen around a marvelous driftwood log, and my pink room holds nearly 100 yards of drool worthy merino wool these days (yes I do have a problem). It occurs to me I never shared the updated video tour I did a while back, so here it is even though it’s quiet outdated now…will have to do another one soon.

It’s a little mental in the house with the sewing machine where the harp used to be and the harp… in the middle of everything, but somehow it still (mostly) works. I do occasionally feel as though so many projects in so small a space are not dissimilar to a jigsaw puzzle, except only half the pieces fit together. I cut fabric on my car, for instance. It sounds fun, and it is when the wind don’t blow, but come rain and I’m not going to be sewing. A fair weather activity you could say.

I’m also celebrating my 1 year anniversary of surviving with no ‘real job’, and it feels fantastic. I’ve finally reached the point I dreamed to find myself in when I conjured up this tiny adventure; able to make my little life work with only music and making things. It’s hard to believe, and I feel extremely grateful.

I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to make that dream a reality without Little Yellow. I have said that building this sensible little home was the best decision I have ever made, and it’s as true today as it ever was. Which either means building a tiny house was a super duper good idea or most of my other ideas aren’t that great, but whichever, here I am over 4 years later, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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San Franicsco Bay Area based harpist, singer/songwriter of blues, folk and pop influence. Debut Album 'Who Asked You Back' is out on all digital platforms and physically at

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  1. Four years?? Yes, Elle, I have felt that same way about time lately. I loved reading all about what you are up to and how your life has progressed. It’s just fascinating. I am very happy for you. You are a smart woman! Godspeed to you guys and your wonderful little life. 🙂 and thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful post and pictures. Congratulations to you guys for having such great success with your tiny home, and with your newfound freedom. Look forward to reading more. 🙂

  3. Hi, love your Little Yellow…I recently decided I am done with the rat race, and my career, which I can’t keep doing because of MSD’s. I am now unemployed and thinking of downsizing to a small or tiny home…travel and enjoy life without all the bills. Thanks for sharing u our story. Wondering if you have your place on a lot you own or do you haul it around wherever you want to go? I live in Crockett, Ca. Wondering where you guys are. I still need to read more of your story, so if you stated..sorry 🙂

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