Monthly Archives: March 2017

Talking Tiny…


It’s the first day of spring, and (at least where I am) it’s dumping rain. Cheery it isn’t, but California sure is trying to make a dent in this drought. It’s dry and leakless in Little Yellow, and aside from having lost several items of varying degrees of importance in its massive swathes of 120 sq feet, all is well.

My computer though; I appear to have lost my entire laptop computer. How does that happen? I have the cord but not the computer. Aren’t those two usually hanging out together? How did they get separated? How can I have never realized it’s possible to loose a laptop? How have I not taken greater care of the loose-able thing? And if it is indeed so loose-able how have I, the loser of many a great thing, not lost it before? Uncharted waters here. Many questions….

Anyway, a few exciting things to mention. First, I am finally able to make it to the Tiny House Conference in Portland April 7-9 and will be talking about design (Saturday from 9-10am for track A and 3-4pm for track B). I am super excited to go! Design is also my favorite subject about tiny houses so definitely looking forward to it 🙂

Second, looks like I will be going to the Tiny House Jamboree as well this year and doing a talk on couples in tiny houses! I will update as I know more in the next few months.

And thirdly *drum roll* I am now doing tiny house consultations via phone or Skype (once I find my computer…)! If you or someone you know might find it useful to ask questions of a tiny house dweller, get in touch and lets talk 🙂 Full info can be found in the consultations tab at the top right.

Wishing you all a beautiful spring!