Music, horse shit and such…


June! It’s definitely June. What is it that happens to my dedication to write more? I did find the pesky laptop that I lost a while back, so I really have no excuse. In the end it was IN MY CAR. Given the number of times I looked there and the length of time it remained hidden for I don’t know how that’s possible, but why would life make sense?

I’m rolling with the theory that devious little (shitty, old, out of date) laptop computer thieves stole it from my car, and then several months later put it back in the place I looked 37,837 times just to mess with me. They must have found it hilarious. I’m rolling with it.

Another positive is that I have recently stopped shoveling horse manure as part of my rental agreement with my landlords and let me tell you…it’s one of the greatest things ever. Every. Other. Day. For over 4.5 years I cleaned that literal shit. For the first 3 years I found the regularity somewhat delightful, but since becoming self employed it has increasingly lost its appeal. On and on it went, until one week in May I had two distinct realizations in quick succession.

1, In the last 4.5 years, I have cleaned horse poo more individual times than I have washed my hair.

(1.5, EW.)

2, I don’t even own horses.

And that was it. Now another local gal cleans the corrals and I wake up every morning with the joyous, springing step of someone who doesn’t have to put on shit clothes and scoop poop. It’s pretty great. Of course, I have to make up the extra rent money now, but I’m too excited about not doing it anymore to let that get me down. I’ll see how that attitude works out a in few months.

All this no-more-poo thing has had the added effect of making me fall in love with my house all over again, and I’m quite smitten with her at the moment. I realize I had tied a lot of undue negativity to Little Yellow because of my horse duties, which as a result made me feel an underlying agitation, which does nothing positive for feeling ‘at home’. I was actually becoming quite dissatisfied which was starting to really freak me out, seeing as I know I both love my house and have zero means for another kind of living situation. Moral of the story? Shit, man. It rains on your parade. And also makes it stink.

Keep forgetting to mention that I’ve added a ‘now’ page to the site. I got this idea from another blog I came across I really like the concept of it. For me personally, updating the page with a few quick paragraphs seems much less daunting than trying to figure how to work it into a larger post, so read up on now pages, add one to your website if you like it too, and check in on mine if you have any interest.

Most of my life since I last wrote has been dedicated to the massive undertaking of recording and stressing over the starting, and now almost completion, of my first album of original music. Titled ‘Who Asked You Back’, it will be released late summer and it’s very exciting.

I’ve put up my first official(ish) music video on youtube last week which is also exciting. If you can think of anyone who would enjoy it, please share! I’ll leave you with the video (also watchable in the side and/or bottom bar) and hopefully some of the remaining spring-stepping of this happy camper who doesn’t have to shovel shit today šŸ™‚

About EllaHarp

San Franicsco Bay Area based harpist, singer/songwriter of blues, folk and pop influence. Debut Album 'Who Asked You Back' is out on all digital platforms and physically at

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  1. Any time you can talk poop on a blog — horse, goat, rabbit — count me in :)) Good for you to escape the rake! Love the music video and can’t wait for the album!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats on the music! I wouldn’t be surprised if you eventually start to miss the therapeutic aspect of mucking out pens šŸ˜‰ Cool house!

  3. I noticed that your futon is on a platform. Is that for air circulation? I am considering buying a Small Wonders futon for my tiny house and was wondering how yours is working out for you over the years. Thanks and congratulations on the new album.

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