Renting Little Yellow and 2 harps in a truck outside a tiny house…


2019?! Yikes. Happy new year! Life plods beautifully along on the coast (despite torrential rain this week) and wanted to post a quick update.

First, my darling Little Yellow is all grown up and rented out, with a lovely fisherman fellow in there now. He’s a good fit, very nice and seems to like the tiny life a lot (bit bigger than a boat anyway), though I’ll admit it was a bit odd to come to grips with. Zac and I were over the other day with some friends and it’s a particular kind of strange to see someone else’s possessions on shelves you built only for yourself.

Weirdness aside, having Yellow rented has been grand. She’s being loved/lived in, and our situation in the big house is a tiny house’s worth of rent better. Said big house treats me just fine, and seeing a pretty purple roof out my window and a thin trail of smoke from Little Yellow’s tiny chimney provides a frequent dose of wonderfully bittersweet nostalgia.

Second, just before moving out of our old spot I filmed a live video outside the tiny house with a friend of mine. I never put it up because of a few questionable notes, but rediscovered and put it up the other day because what the hell, life’s too short.

It’s a beautiful little time capsule of the years spent in the horse field and has some lovely shots of Yellow throughout. It’s a cover of one of my favorite songs, ‘Cleopatra’ by The Lumineers. Decided to play it on two harps, because why not?

So here’s the video for you, just me playing 2 harps at the same time in the back of a truck outside a tiny house. As you do…

Hope you all are keeping well ❤



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