Anniversaries and a tiny house tour/concert in Ojai…


Early February is a special time for me this year, as Sunday marked the first anniversary of my album launch (and one of the most stressful, wonderful days of my life). I had the launch show at a lovely little art gallery here on the coast, and with posters everywhere and articles in the San Francisco Chronicle and Half Moon Bay Review, over 100 people showed up.

We were far past capacity and I majorly pissed off the stuffy women running the joint, but I will remember 2.3.18 as the day I pushed past the crippling fear of making a career of my own music and began what has become the greatest drive and passion of my life. I booked and played and carted my wee harp to 88 gigs in 6 states in 2018, and I am so grateful to continue doing what I love this year. Easy it isn’t, but worth it, it is.

If you haven’t had the chance, ‘Who Asked You Back’ is up on Spotify, iTunes etc so give a listen if you feel the mood You can also buy one with free shipping on my website for $20 (in pretty paper packaging with hand written addresses and stamps I made) 🙂

Album Cover

Click to listen on Spotify

Click for free shipping and pretty packaging 🙂

But much more excitingly (and relevantly), I’ll be headed south next week, coming to Ojai to do a unique collaboration with my friend Vina Lustado on Thursday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day); a tour of Vina’s darling tiny house, followed by and outdoor concert I’ll be playing, both at a beautiful spot in Ojai.

This will be at a private residence with limited space (tiny even!) so get tickets when you can if you’re free that day. The event is open to the public (address emailed after getting tickets) so if you know any folks in the LA area who would enjoy getting up close and personal with a tiny and hearing some music after please share!

Click for tickets to Vina’s tiny house tour from 4-6pm ($25)

Click for tickets to my tiny house concert from 7-9pm  ($20)

Hope you are all keeping warm with this cold front, thanks always for your support and for reading my rambles ❤


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