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Of roofing hitches and ever changing floor plans…


My dad and I got the off-side standing seam roofing on this sunny afternoon in fine time, like we knew just what we were doing, and feeling very chuffed indeed. But the feeling ended abruptly when we reached the last panel as reality politely informed us that we mostly don’t know what we’re doing.

This being the case, the plywood roof sheathing is not square at the front of the house, so instead of the panel’s edge running parallel to the edge of the roof deck, there is a very-much-not-straight 2 inch discrepancy that will really muck things up when we try to put the eave closures on.

This will likely result in another bout of house sawing, but then I suppose with the amount of first hand house sawing experience we’ve had, you might actually say we do know what we’re doing in this particular part of the process. I didn’t photograph the current conundrum, but I’m sure you can imagine.

I have realized that I have no set floor plan (wishy washy as I am) and with electric and plumbing looming not so very far away, it has come to my attention that I had better stop changing my mind so I don’t end up with an outlet in the shower or pipes running through my closet. I came up with one the other day that I think I could live with after laying it out in the house with scraps of 2×4’s and 40lb boxes of sheep wool insulation. For the record, they make an excellent visual for prospective shelving.