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Wall paneling done…


Well it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve written! I hope not to be so long in the future 🙂 I am back home and back to house building after a delightful time away, and my return has brought some new determination. My goal at the time being is to try and get Little Yellow done as soon as I possibly can because I’d like to stay at my parent’s for a while to work out any carpenteric kinks while I still have access to my dad’s excellently marvelous collection of tools. (This spell check isn’t buying ‘carpenteric’ as a word. They do suggest ‘carpetbagger’ though) So! That’s the plan.

Today I finished up the last of the wall paneling in the bathroom and changing room at the hitch-end, which means I have walls! 4 of them! And they’re all shiny and paneled 😀 Next I suppose will be window trim and corner moulding. I’m in dire need of some corner moulding… But first I want to get my pine flooring down. It’s had a nice good time to acclimate in there, so the only thing stopping me now are the right nails. I guess I didn’t think much about that part but after some research it seems I need 2″ ringshank nails for the big scary gun. Hopefully my dad will be able to stop by Lowes tomorrow and pick some up so I can get started on Saturday.

Also! It appears that Clyde has had little baby squirrels and they are THE cutest things. There are at least 4 and they were all over the place this morning, wandering around testing out underdeveloped jumping legs. The tiniest one tried to leap from the tree to the porch railing and failed brilliantly. He made the distance but just kept going after he landed and plowed into the side of the house. I guess a 3.5′ rail must be a pretty big thing for a very little squirrel 🙂

Now I think of it, this probably makes Clyde a girl. No matter, we’re not changing the name.


Almost a ceiling…


Putting insulation and wall paneling up on the ceiling has taken a really long time. I’d wanted to wait and write about it when it was all done, but it’s been longer than I deem reasonable so you’ll have to take it in its nearly finished state. It’s still nice though, and I can see looking at it how much has gone into this lovely little milestone.

All the walls leading up to the ceiling had to get paneling first. For me, this meant staring at the kitchen wall for AGES before closing it to make sure I put the wiring for my light in just the right spot. It is totally in the right spot though 🙂 Then came the actual starting of the ceiling paneling which was proably the tricksiet part of the whole operation because everything didn’t line up quite right.

It took 3 sepertate sections through the table saw to get it; 1: very thin groove-side-down pieces to get the loft paneling at the same height as the wall paneling, 2: bigger groove-side-down pieces to raise the wall up straight to the rafters, and 3: tounge-side-up pieces with 45 degree angles on the bottom to fit over the previous pieces and start going up the rafters.

It sounds a little confusing writing it down, which makes sense because it was more than a little confusing trying to figure it out. But figure I did with my step dad’s help on the table saw (I still just don’t like using that one) and moved on to the next problem.

This stumbling block was that there was nothing at either of the lofts to nail the ends of the panels to. Lucky for me, I didn’t cut 45 degree angles onto the loft triangle panels as I thought I should have and put them up in a stair like manner when I first started. I figured it was less work and they would get covered by the ceiling panels anyway. In this rare case laziness saved me bum, and those boards provided a just-strong-enough surface to screw in a thin cedar support. It was entirely unintentional so I can’t claim any credit for it, but I was nicely chuffed just the same 🙂

So then the proper paneling/insulating started. I’ve seen other tiny housers use single length panels that end on one stud, but I like the look of staggered paneling for the ceiling instead. I think it reminds me of a patchwork quilt. A wooden ceiling patchwork quilt. Anyway, that’s what I did, and I worked out a consistent system that I repeated on both sides.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned too much about the damn trouble it’s been getting a hold of good bundles of wall paneling, so get ready for a lumber rant. Each Lowes has a certain number of them in their inventory (economy plank white pine wall paneling), and until said inventory is entirely gone they don’t jump at any request for ordering more. This means that whatever is left is usually the absolute crappiest of the crap and you’re lucky to find something even slightly promising.

Up til now my dad, my mom and I have traversed nearly every Lowes in the Southern California area and usually come out with no more than 5 bundles. Of course, when you get to each new store you’re on you own finding them; I have explained the concept many a time to blank stares or a confident statement that 1/4″ T&G white pine paneling doesn’t exist. For the record, people do seem to know what cedar closet liner is and the pine is usually beside it.

It’s been annoying having to stop and wait for more lumber though, so when one of my sisters came to visit from Northern California, she was so good as to stop along the way and fill up her truck bed with 21 bundles of the stuff. The guy said that I could go through them and return what I didn’t use as long as I have a receipt and the packaging with me, and buddy, that’s exactly what I aim to do.

In each bundle of 6, I put at least 3 blackened, broken or twisted boards into the take-back pile which now eclipses the good pile several times over. I can’t believe that someone would package up and attempt to sell a board that has a frigging black hole in it the size of Canada (where they are manufactured, incidentally). Oi. Ok, rant over.

So, after much moving between ladders, cutting and re-cutting panels, and lots of dusty sheep wool sneezes (the very top was nice because it’d just fall right onto my head) I shall say voila! Almost a ceiling 🙂

More plumbing, more siding and a bit of determination…


This has been a delightful little week of progression with wall paneling, plumbing, window borders and siding having all come on a fair ways. Perhaps the most exciting happening occurred on Sunday afternoon when my neighbor got the plumbing ready enough to hook up to the hose and I watched as real live FREAKIN water came into my house!!!!

There’s nothing connected to the pipes (like a sink) or anywhere for the water to go (like a drain) so we just attached a temporary bendy tube doohicky and stuck it out the window, but it totally worked and it was totally wonderful 🙂 The next step is to put in a gas line from the water heater to a propane tank and figure out my sink and shower faucets/ drains. Looks like luck put metal support bars for the trailer directly under my planned locations so the latter should be interesting.

My dad has had a chance to work on the house for the first time in over a month and we’ve been putting up siding all over the place in the last few days. I had been in a sort of building stalemate with cedar siding for a little while so I’m really grateful for the help.

Sometimes it seems like there’s so much to do that it can get procrastinatingly overwhelming. I have tendencies to start on several hundred small projects (with no particular regard for a sensible order) leaving lots of things partially done. While this is fun for my short attention span, it does little for the feeling of accomplishment that comes with actually finishing something.

But! I have become recently determined and procrastinate I shall not! I will finish the exterior of Little Yellow by this coming Sunday! I am on a mission! I am excited! I may be underestimating my time frame. Right, Sunday…

More siding, more wall paneling, more insulation…


My sister and brother in law came up for a few days to help this weekend, just in time for the cold weather’s return. It’s been a while since she’s seen my house so I spent nearly all of the first day excitedly pointing at things and rambling about far distant plans of interior paint colours and kitchen cabinets (while her husband patiently worked on his car) but we did get up some siding onto the front and in by the doorway. She also did a fine job with the saw and cut up some new borders for the bump out windows which I hope to start painting soon.

First, though, we made a redwood border for around the porch overhang and spent a stupid amount of time trying to get it right. We figured we’d make them both at 45 degree angles which should meet up all nice and pretty, right? Well, in my world of carpentry, no. Just as well I’ve given up on the fantasy of a square house.

Interiorally…is that a word? Hmm. Interior wise, I spray foamed the other wheel well and am continuing on with wall paneling and insulation. It’s hard to believe that quite a few sections require only these two things before they are finished! I am just loving this inside work, it’s so gratifying and really makes things seem like you’re getting somewhere 🙂

I have been knocking around the thought of putting up some form of wainscoting in the great room and finally decided to go for it. Lowes sell another kind of 1/4″ pine wall paneling with a bead down the center, so I bought a bunch and put it up vertically to just above the window line.

I’m thinking that whatever moulding I end up using to cover the seam will hang further over the vertical panels so they look a bit shorter. I’d prefer them not to be so high (41″), but where they are now puts each panel at the perfect horizontal 2×4 in the wall framing and I’d rather not have to stick another board in there. Especially as I’m having to put in an extra 2×2 for support in the middle anyway so we don’t get bendy walls. Nobody likes a bendy wall…

Wall paneling, insulation and rainbows…


It’s been fairly lousy weather as of late; the shifty, cloudy type where you can barely feel your fingers and are never sure when it will turn drippy. Not too terribly much work got accomplished this weekend as a result, but we got the off-side ready for cedar siding.

Today the rain came. Rain, then rainbows, then snow, then rain again, but I set up inside my house with the light and many layers on to get some work in. I finally sourced my 1/4″ pine tongue and groove wall paneling last week sitting innocently on shelf at Lowes (after being told by several rather rude chaps at Home Depot that this combination was not possible and didn’t exist) so I’ve been dying to get some up since.

With the electric in, I began on the window bump out for my learning curve since it will most likely be hidden by a bench or somesuch. I worked from the bottom up and insulated as I went, placing my sheep wool into each cavity and thoroughly enjoying myself. I used my dad’s pin nailer to hold the boards onto each 2×4 stud and it did a fine job, leaving perfect little little silver dots where each went in.

This part is brilliant in the visual department, so I spent nearly as much time standing back to stare as I did putting everything together; it’s almost therapeutic in the pattern of it. Who needs a shrink when you can stuff wool into a wall?