Kimberly Woodstove by Unforgettable Fire

This stove and company are both fantastic. My Kimberly stove is extremely efficient, boast very low clearances and is quite the beauty. Read my post about it here.

Small Wonders Futons

I got my wonderful, 6″ wool and cotton futon bed from these guys and they are a great small company with an extremely high quality product. Everything is handmade, they answer the phone when you call, and their prices are darn reasonable for what they have to offer. I absolutely love my futon and couldn’t be happier with it! Read my post about it here.

Oregon Shepherd Wool Insulation

Oregon Shepherd’s insulation is pretty much awesome. It’s renewable, non toxic, durable and totally effective. Though you may find it a bit more expensive than other forms of insulation, i.e. rigid foam, denim or recycled paper, it is well worth the extra for its natural benefits that no other insulation can offer. Read my post about it here.

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  1. Hi. I understand you are located in Quebec. I’m located in Ontario and my question is, where are you legally allowed to park your tiny home? This is the part I don’t understand and probably the most important. Thanks.

    • I am actually located in California, so I wouldn’t have many thoughts on legal parking places in Canada. RV parks are always the most accessible legal option, but they can be a bit iffy. You could also put it in a backyard or on a ranch. Technically, one could call that illegal and one would technically be right as you are generally not allowed to camp on land (even your own). Tiny houses fall under the mobile dwelling category, therefore= camping. But technically, unless one is reported, one can live this way for an indefinite period. It depends on how this lifestyle appeals to you.

      • you can get around the “camping thing by removing the wheels, putting it on blocks and putting skirting around it.

  2. Hi Ella! found your blog by accident, and am so glad I did. I too play harp,(and fiddle) studied (Irish) Gaelic, and should name my tiny house ‘an Bheag Glas’! Am building soon, but might put it on top of a pickup. Love your story. Keep following your heart. Also am an artist, like you. I subscribed to your blog, and you can hear my music and see art at my website, What college did you go to?
    Best wishes

  3. I just found your blog! Your house is beyond adorable and to see that you’ve built it yourself is amazing. I have never built anything in my life, but the idea of a tiny house has been nagging at me for years. I have 4 dogs, so I’m not ready for tiny living yet but I’m starting to read and learn what I can. You’re an inspiration and I’ll enjoy following along on your journey.

  4. Thanks for you blog! I love your site and the information you have posted, and pictures, are very cool! I would love to build my own someday, so this is helpful and inspiring. I think it is awesome that more and more people are downsizing when they can. I am also a fan of the Tiny House designs so I love to see how different people have designed theirs. Thanks!

  5. Hi Ella! I am so admiring the way you put yourself together, from your website and your tiny house. I would love to build one of my own. I am so tired of being bogged down by so much stuff… I sew and would need a place for my machine – it is my ‘art’. May I make a little yellow embroidered pillow for you? It would be my pleasure for all the pleasure you have given me with your blogs, your pictures, and your way of living. Please email me, I would consider it a “tiny” gift.

  6. Ella,
    It was great meeting you this weekend in Minneapolis. I’ve been enjoying your blog in my spare time too. Thanks for the inspirational stories and motivation.

  7. Hello Ella,
    I used to live in the Bay Area and would love to move back and live in a tiny house. How did you find a place to park yours?

  8. Hello, Ella. It was exciting to read about your adventure. My favorite color has always been yellow so I especially enjoyed your notes on that topic, too. I am the mother of ten children, always wanted to build a tiny house-maybe just to have a space to call my own, LOL, so I am looking at coming to one of your workshops in Dallas. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. Ella,
    Obviously I found you because I dream of building my own tiny house in the future. However, my specific question is, where can I find some of your Scottish sea glass jewelry? I love wearing hand made pieces, and even better if they have a story. I feel like owning a piece of your jewelry would help remind me that my tiny dream is attainable (since it is only doable about 10 years from now when my child is grown).

  10. Love this blog
    Its utterly totally inspiring
    Love from
    With our red door. I love yellow doors also they remind
    Me of the au flowers in my kitchen garden in the
    Front of the tiny cottage. The possibilities are endless
    In a tiny home.
    Love it. X

  11. Hi Ella! I attended your tiny house workshop March of last year in Las Vegas and I remember you mentioned a type of wool fabric that you use to make your clothes. Fast drying, keeps you warm in the winter and keeps you cool in the summer. I can’t seem to find it anywhere and even don’t recall what it was properly named. Help?

    • Aaah merino wool jersey! The only thing I wear 🙂 Companies that make clothing from it are (to name a few) smart wool, icebreaker and ibex. I also make and sell clothing these days but haven’t gotten website up…

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